1. Haven't a clue!

    New £5 notes likely to be withdrawn due to tallow content

    Sorry to advise of above, please bundle them up and send direct to me, I'll refund 2nd class postage and dispose of them for you. (hopefully) Merry Christmas, Tony
  2. TheGrocer

    TrafficMaster YQ2 service being withdrawn!!

    Shock Horror For some 10 years I have enjoyed using the Trafficmaster YQ system which has got me out of many traffic jams. The little grey box that sits in my car has warned me of many traffic jams over the years but from 2011 the service is being discontinued. Having paid the £150 for the box...
  3. smillion

    Red Diesel withdrawn for road use?

    Has anyone heard of this? From April it seems vehicles including road sweepers, tractors and road going plant have to use white diesel instead of red diesel. This is effectively doubling the cost of fuel for one of of my friends' business. Another stealth tax to clobber Jo Public
  4. R

    Vanilla Nesquik is being withdrawn

    Found out today that Nesquik Vanilla flavour is being withdrawn, only Tescos have any left and when that ends thats it!:(
  5. PJH

    Speed Gun 'should be withdrawn'

    Speed gun gave a reading of 132mph, car was restricted to 107mph. BBC Link
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