1. I

    EPC Wizards

    Can anyone tell me where to find the sump undertray for a W219 in the EPC?
  2. N

    Need help from electronics wizards

    I have a brand new 300km/h cluster from pre-facelift w210 E55 AMG, this cluster fits 1997 - 1999 cars w/o tiptronic. I want to use the 300 faceplate installed into my C43 cluster. Anyone knows the best solution to get correct needle speed reading as the digits are not in the same place compared...
  3. Mozzer

    Merlin from Project Wizards

    Anyone got this for Mac ?
  4. 300CE

    Any Photoshop Wizards about?!?!

    If it's at all possible, could one of you super chaps could take a sample from the khaki green bike and put it on the black bike?! Many Thanks in advance, Justin!
  5. franey

    Any excel Wizards available to help?

    I have a few excel data problems that I need assistance with, would anyone be able to assist please? Basically (for now) I need a digit adding to the front of a 22 digit number and another digit removing within the number. The numbers are all in column A and there are over 14000 of them, it...
  6. Thmsshaun

    Electrical Wizards Help Needed!!

    If anyone can help me with this project there may well be a pint in it for you :D If you have read the interior posts you will see I have bought a leather interior and the fron seats are heated. Leather Transplant What I am trying to acheive is to wire these seats up into my car...
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