1. D

    sterring wheel wobble

    Hi Peeps So ive been having an ongoing problem with my e350 c207 2010 tyres 235 35 19 I keep getting a wobble from the steering wheel which gets very bad the faster I go. I’ve had my wheels balanced about 10 times by different places which hasn’t done nothing also had 2 new tires on the...
  2. I

    Cl63 slight shake or wobble when hot m156 uk model

    Can anyone shed some light on this Thanks https://mbworld.org/forums/cl55-amg-cl65-amg-cl63-amg-w215-w216/648727-shake-slightly-rough-idle-cl63-m156-2008-uk.html#post7121832
  3. merc85

    Please someone HELP! w211 e55k steering wobble

    The issue, is Steering wobble / shimmey left to right when held with one hand lightly. It's not a Vibration really, its a shimmey. If you hold the steering wheel with both hands it dampens the whole thing and everything feels normal. It does it when cornering too, although this dampens the...
  4. C

    W203 wobble

    Hello, my W203 estate has developed a wobble which I think may be coming from the front but it is not clear. under hard acceleration and when cornering everything seems fine, but when cruising the car seems to move from side to side, - feels a little like a small boat on the sea! both control...
  5. R

    slight wobble on the rev counter when driving

    Hi, I have a 63 plate C250 and I have noticed whilst driving I have a slight wobble on the rev counter. It's only very slight but I was wondering if it's something I should look into? Roobler
  6. C

    Steering wobble - bad tyres?

    Hi all, I have a steering wheel shake and vibration in the seats when going over 60mph.. I have had the wheels balanced three times and have replaced both front wheel bearings, tie rod inner and ends and also new discs and pads but its still there.. am I only now left with it being bad front...
  7. E

    Air Filter Housing Wobble and Rattle

    The car in question: 2006 W203 C200 CDI (OM646) The air filter housing rattles horribly. I was told there are 4 rubbers (mounts?) of two types that need to be replaced. I easily found the kind both on ebay and the Febi parts catalog: Air Filter Housing Mount Front Mercedes C 200 CDI C Class...
  8. F

    W210 E55 AMG - drivetrain wobble

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20Gc9P7WwdI You can see it down the long straight after Eau Rouge, it’s most noticeable around 0m50s (and each subsequent lap). Oscillation builds up under constant linear acceleration, not necessarily on full throttle. Can’t feel it through steering wheel...
  9. M

    W211 front Wheel wobble .. the saga continues ....

    Hi All, My 211 2003 E270cdi has had front wheel wobble for a while now. As soon as it goes over some bumps in the road, the front right wheel starts wobbling making the steering erratic. Also the steering becomes incredibly easy to turn and then all of sudden very stiff, then randomly will...
  10. I

    Just collected my C63 AMG-steering wobble?

    Hi there I've just collected my 2013 C63 AMG estate. First impressions are very good, apart from the fact I think there is a hole in the fuel tank:D Anyway, one thing I did notice is that the steering wheel wobbles/vibrates quite a bit at motorway speeds. It does vary depending on the quality...
  11. C

    SL55 - crank pulley 'wobble'

    Whilst nosing around my engine bay the other day whilst the car was idling I noticed that the crank pulley looks to have a 'wobble'/be slightly 'out of true'. Having done a bit of 'Googling' it seems the crank pulley on the M113 engine can have an issue whereby it breaks up and the first...
  12. O

    Speedo wobble and cruise control

    Hi, Just got another E300TD, the speedo wobble a bit? This is odd... Also the cruise control do not stay on too long, after awhile it disengage? Would those 2 be related and hat is the cure? Its an avangarde model , the seats are bloody too hard too...
  13. M

    W211 270CDI - Front Wobble and Bouncy Suspension

    Hi All, I have a E270 cdi Avant saloon 131k miles that has served me well. Its developed a random wobble which feels like the o/s/f wheel. And the front suspension seems incredibly bouncy now. Its the had the following changed: Top and bottom ball joints both side (merc brand) Lower arms...
  14. N

    steering wobble

    when braking my steering wheel wobbles , its had new front disk and pads fitted and wheels traked and balanced. any ideas please. cheers neil
  15. J

    Low speed wobble, high speed vibration

    I am experiencing a shake / wobble over smooth surfaces as if a wheel is bouncing over a rough surface at speeds up to about 35-40 mph, in my W124 cab. I can feel it both in the steering wheel and the rest of the car (eg, if I touch the door or a seat, you can feel the vibration). On the...
  16. B

    Automatic w124 wobble on intial start up

    Wobble on start up, appears to be coming from rear, stops soon after the ol'girl starts moving. Not the donuts as they have bith been replaced recently. Any ideas?
  17. J

    2009 clk 220 cdi vibration / wobble at high speed

    Hi Just bought my 2009 CLK 220 CDI Avantgarde 6 weeks ago off a Mercedes Dealer and whilst I have not had the best of starts with the car I really do love it. So far I have had the following replaced under the Mercedes Benz tier 1 warranty – four new parking sensors, two new rear shock...
  18. lordlee

    AMG Staggered 17" slight wobble - fix?

    Hi All, I have purchased a set of staggered AMG wheels and had them all balanced. However I have noticed a wobble at around 56-60mph which disappears above 60mph. I would usually put that down to balancing but having had them balanced it seems strange that I still get a wobble. They tyres on...
  19. babz

    W202 Wheel Wobble

    Does anyone know what is wrong with my car/wheels?.. i have recently bought some AMG monoblock II replicas off a friend for £100 (no buckles, no curb marks and with 4 brand new tyres with 0 miles BARGAIN!?) ive recently had them put on from my local garage getting the wheel alignment done at...
  20. M

    Wheel wobble w124 estate

    Hi Everyone after a bit of advice!!!! ive just replaced my standad w124 15 hole boring alloys with some AMG Monoblocks, i thought by going for 15" and keeping the same tyres i would keep costs down and keep everything simple, however it seems the 15" are a different offset and the fronts...
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