1. Tim203

    W203 wobbly columb swirchgear fix.

    Was going to put this under 'what you did to your Mercedes today' and if it's already been covered forgive me. When I bought my car almost 2 years ago the switchgear was loose and the indicator stalk would not detent any more ( probably from heavy handed frustration by the previous owner). The...
  2. GLK

    W169 Door Rust - Wobbly Weld Seal

    My A200 is a pre-facelift 169 coupe, so suffers from the known wobbly weld rust problem. Tried to get Mercedes to take care of that under their 30-yr rust warranty, but no luck, despite the full MBSH, and it's being on Service Care plan. So, what are my options - how to remedy this...
  3. LittleG

    Wobbly Brakes 203

    After talking about my wobbly brakes I popped down to the car to see when I had them changed, I looked at the invoice and noticed something a little worrying at the bottom. So I'm guessing this maybe causing a wobble? and where do I get new bolts from?
  4. M

    Wobbly pedal

    This may help some of you. I just fixed my wobbly pedal. Just used an m8 nut and bolt. With a bit of ptfe tap. The old plastic clip that held the pedal was loose, and seen a thread on another site. Had to push the end of the clip in and push the plastic clip through the pedal...
  5. S

    Accelerator peddle wobbly

    Hi all, I have am ML270 CDI 04 plate that i recently purchased. I was giving it a good clean on the inside as i dont think the previous owners cleaned it in the 3 years they owned it! I found that the accelerator pedal has alot of movement from side to side. Has anyone has a similar issue...
  6. HumberMart

    7G-DCT throws a wobbly

    Of course we picked a great moment to try and drive to the S of France what with all the snow, but worse than that car trouble as well. Not expecting snow, using the B and its 50+ mpg seemed the best option for a 2,000 mile round trip to Banyuls Sur Mer rather than the ML. The B did well...
  7. goodpw

    2002 R230 Wobbly suspension

    Hi All. Wonder if anyone can help me on this one. My SL500 (on 90k miles) has started to feel a bit vague & wobbly, it's not terrible but just doesn't feel like it should. I can't really tell which end is causing the problem but it feels like the back nearside (UK) I'm hoping it's not a boingy...
  8. S

    wobbly speedo needle

    I notice that sometimes my cars speedo needle wobbles, I have noticed it a few times, usually on the first bit of dual carriageway on my commute (2 mins from home). I haven't noticed it at any other time during the day (typical commute is 20 miles each way). I am guessing the speedo is...
  9. Pitts Pilot

    My NTG1 produces 'wobbly' music

    I have a NTG1 Comand system and it seems to be faulty. When I play a home-made DVD of music MP3's, it has a second of complete silence about 5 seconds into the song. This happens for each track, and is really annoying. I've experimented with various different DVD media (all +R), different...
  10. D

    What Is The Opinion On Wobbly Bolts?

    About two thirds of the vans that I sell are Vivaros/Trafics/Primastars. I've just taken one in that has BMW alloys with these 'wobbly bolts' to adapt the PCD of 5x120 to the 5x118 of the Primastar and it's the first time I've come across them to be honest. What I'd like to know is this; are...
  11. Ade B

    Honda Accord throws a wobbly - replace/repair?

    Flippin' heater matrix has packed in on my '06 65k allegedly cheap and uber reliable japanese Accord Tourer. An £800 fix.. :( As I'm back in familiar CE repair territory, shall I chop it in for a C class estate before the next thing falls off...? I'm thinking the depreciation hit and...
  12. tpwuk

    Wobbly rear view mirror

    My rear view mirror wobbles and it's quite annoying! How is it fixed to the car? Can I tighted the fitting up somehow?
  13. S

    Happy Birthday Wobbly

    Hope you are having a good day!!!:bannana:
  14. A

    Accelerator pedal feels a little lose? or wobbly?

    Hello Noticed after driving my car more in the past month than I have in the past 6months the accelerator pedal feels a bit 'lose'. I tend to use cruise almost all the time but notice when using the pedal and holding it at a set speed it feels as though it 'clicks' as it springs back. I...
  15. spock500

    Anyone else had wobbly wing mirror, w210?

    At first I thought it was the glass but closer inspection revealed the whole pod moves about half inch backwards and forwards. You can still push them back and although they almost click back theres still a gap - spring gone?
  16. SportsCoupeRich

    Thanks to Olly at PCS and Wobbly Keith...

    I am proudly sitting on new, 22" Mandrus Millenium wheels. They are black with a chrome outer rim. Both Olly and keith are really pleasant chaps and I look forward to seeing them both soon. Keiths ML looked all the better for the 19"s fitted to his (even with a dodgy tailgate :p ) and I will...
  17. wobbly

    Mrs Wobbly becomes a MB owner.

    The girlfriend has just collect her 2008 C180K SE Coupe and is very happy with it.
  18. H

    W202 wobbly at the back

    Hi My W202 C180 feels a bit wooly at the rear, I assume the rear bushes are shot as it has done over 120K Does anyone know what bushes I need to buy and where I can get such items. Cheers Andrew
  19. wobbly

    Wobbly's trip to the Alps

    Returning home to Sindelfingen where the SL was built. SL by Mount Blanc. Mrs Wobbly by the lake at Annecy.
  20. television

    Happy birthday Wobbly

    :bannana::bannana:And a happy birthday to you:bannana::bannana:
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