1. Stratman

    Woman ordered to pay £24,500 in parking fines

    Woman ordered to pay £24,500 in parking charges Court orders woman to pay £24,500 to private parking company With the caveat it happened in Scotland, here's an extract
  2. brucemillar

    Driver "sentenced" after Costa Crash Kills Woman

    Westerham: Sentencing of elderly driver David Lord for killing grandmother in Costa Coffee crash I post this here as I struggle with the "Sentence" given out. Had the accused stood up day 1 and pleaded guilty, having said, It was me, I got confused! Then I could maybe understand the thinking...
  3. ringway

    WARNING. Never Let a Woman Wash Your Car.

    I wasn't up to washing our lovely S211 earlier today and Mrs Ringway kindly offered to give the car a "Proppa Clean". Well, the car really is very clean, but... You live and learn, eh?
  4. ringway

    Pretty Woman. Scary Singing!

    Not sure what to make of this. If it happened before my eyes I would be uneasy at best. vC9Qh709gas&feature=youtu.be
  5. cinek

    Man vs woman...

    ...showering [YOUTUBE HD]z8xFzoccQWc[/YOUTUBE HD] :D:D
  6. stwat

    US cop beating on a woman

    Restrain a suspect yes, beat her around the head whilst doing so as she is pinned to the ground by your body weight? Hmmm. Slight overkill maybe? DcCN5C7UBx0
  7. brucemillar

    Woman know your place.

    Beijing police accused of sexism Last updated 30 Oct 2013 12:15 GMT Beijing police believe that women drivers are lack of sense of direction while driving Police in China's capital, Beijing, have been accused of sexism over safety tips targeting women drivers. On their official microblog...
  8. fatdazza

    Woman, 84, dies in A1 'wrong way' crash

    BBC News - Woman, 84, dies in Northumberland A1 'wrong way' crash I hope when I get too old to manage to drive safely, I recognise the fact and hang up my keys.
  9. Satch

    Zimbabwe: Lion Mauls Woman to Death as She has Sex with Lover

    Right you lot: no more moaning about your bad luck with thermostats, uneven tyre wear etc. Zimbabwe: Lion Mauls Woman to Death as She has Sex with Lover - IBTimes UK
  10. developer

    The woman with 17 stone legs.

    Wow, if you think you've got problems, have a look at the poor poor woman (Mandy) on Channel 5 now :(.
  11. Fizzer

    The other woman

    Went to the dealer today to pay the rest of the deposit and missus got a couple of pictures whilst I was having a look round the car. Found that the carbon fibre interior pack has been missed (in fairness it was missed out of the original order and neither me or the salesman realised) but...
  12. sspeed

    45 things a Woman CANT do !!

    45 Things a woman cant do 1. Know anything about a car except its color. 2. Understand a film plot. 3. Go 24 hours without sending a text message. 4. Lift. 5. Throw. 6. Run. 7. Park. 8. Read a map. 9. Rob a bank. 10. Sit still. 11. Tell a joke. 12. Play snooker. 13. Pay for...
  13. developer

    The Woman In Black (2012)

    If you like films that are scary because they make you jump (regularly), but without the gore, you may like this. Spooky stuff - I'm glad the wife was with me ;).
  14. D

    Society today - Woman who did not have bus fare was raped.

    Listened to an interesting debate on this today. It was the last bus, young woman had £4.80 of the £5.00 fare. Driver refused to let her on. Also refused to wait for her to get some cash out of a machine. 30 Passengers on the bus, no one offered up the 20p Woman rang her parents to...
  15. developer

    British Woman Faces Death Penalty

    For smuggling £1.6m worth of cocaine into Bali............... And the problem is :dk:
  16. Stratman

    Woman MP has beer banned for being offensive

    Top Totty beer banned from House of Commons bar in case it offends women No prizes for guessing her 'job'.
  17. D

    Racist woman on tram clip....

    This is doing the rounds at the moment and seems to be a topic of choice... My Tram Experience - YouTube Discuss.... Warning strong offensive language - NSFW
  18. M

    Let's hear it for the Navy's first woman driver...

    The Royal Navy has appointed a woman to command a warship for the first time, errr well, I'm sure that's what I read. You could not possibly comment, could you??:)
  19. bpsorrel

    Mad woman at car wash!

    Jalopnik: Obsessed With The Cult Of Cars
  20. swannymere

    Woman phones police over.....

    ..stolen snowman!! I **** you not :doh: Snowman
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