1. Druk

    Hottest women thread.

    This had to go guys, sorry. Too sexist in todays equality environment and possibly very offensive to our valued lady members. .
  2. L

    Women, don't you just love them!

    My wife doesn't drive our C Class very often, preferring instead to use hers but yesterday morning my car was behind hers on the drive so that was taken for a short shopping trip. Off she went and I got on with a job in the garage when no more than 5 minutes later, I heard her driving back onto...
  3. ringway

    BBC Radio 4. Late Night Women's Hour.

    I caught this broadcast listening to the radio on a recent journey. If we can discuss leaking, I'm sure we can listen to this. Who knows, some may even learn a thing or two. LINK. :)
  4. Stratman

    Muirfield votes 'no' to women members

    It'll be removed from The Open rota too, althoughI don't think they'll be too bothered. I knew someone very high up at Sandwich who told me a lot of the members aren't too keen on hosting The Open as it buggers up their golf for around two months. Should a private members club be forced...
  5. TheFoX

    Are women better drivers?

    Women are better drivers than men, says new survey Interesting article based on telematic data available. What piqued my interest, though, is this statement. Firstly, if the woman had children aged between 46 and 50, that would make her late 60's onwards. Considering how many people on this...

    This is why Mechanics love to deal with Women...

    An oldie but still funny...:D 9FefIzya7fw
  7. D

    Think an Evoque is only for women? Think again...

  8. carlls

    women escapes with a foot injury

    women in a mercedes c220 escapes with a foot injury after crash with a car transporter on the a15 lucky or wot
  9. ringway

    The Book. How to Understand Women. First Edition.

  10. 219

    Things that women do

    I wonder if I am alone in noticing this , but I have seen it a few times , and always done by women . When two of them are getting into the back of a car , instead of noticing that cars generally have a door on each side for them to get in , they have to both go to the one side , then the first...
  11. Dieselman

    Beautiful Biker Women

    AlwcC4xy5v4 The comments are great. Some of the most beautiful Biker Women compete for Miss Cooks Title 2009 - YouTube
  12. Gh3382

    is this why women drivers get stick

    My wife took my insignia to the vets (to deliver 2 rabbits for treatment not a sick car) and phoned me to say that my car would not start. I went through put the key in and depress the clutch and turn it over only to get a load of abuse "I know how to fxxking drive you idiot". The vets is 4...
  13. N

    I think im in love with a women who's much older then me ;)

    I never knew old cars could be so beautiful. Its up for sale and im thinking of buying. Its a bargin at £1800. I already have the w203 c180k coupe and this would make a nice addition. Can anyone tell me about the 380 sec coupe 1985 what to look out for, common problems etc. Also will i be able...
  14. michaelk3289

    Big Thank you to the men and women who defended Eltham

    I live in Eltham so this story really makes me proud to live there and be part of south east London, Strage really as i am from Manchester and only moved to Eltham around 2 years ago (my wife grew up in Eltham from birth) the first thing that always struck me about Eltham was the pride the...
  15. ghummy

    Women (no offence intended to anyone)

    Woman - A Chemical Analysis Element : Woman Symbol : Wo Atomic Weight : Accepted as 118, but known to vary 105-175. Discoverer : Adam Occurrence : Copious quantities in all Urban areas, with slightly lower concentrations in Suburban and Rural areas. Subject to seasonal fluctuations. Physical...
  16. D

    Why are there so few women members?

    I have read hundreds of posts and have yet to come across (no pun intended) any women members of this forum. There must be some SLK or A Class owners here?
  17. LTD

    So women are now to pay more .....

    ... for their Car Insurance since it's now been deemed unfair to discount them on the basis of sex. Is penalising the young and rewarding the old now ageist ? Discuss in less than 300 pages :D
  18. verytalldave

    New retirement laws for women

    I heard in the news today that women - who currently retire 5 years earlier than men - will soon be made to work until they are 63 or 64. With it becoming 65 soon after. Making the retirement age equal eventually. The report stated that women - now in their 50's were "horrified" that they would...
  19. KillerHERTZ

    Women on a mobile phone in 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film

    Gj3qesTjOE8& Check around 20-22 sec's in, she appears to be talking to it aswell... Khz reminds viewers that no phone masts were up in the 1920s :D Odd eh?
  20. Godot

    Like Wine ? Like Women ? Want to learn more about wine ?

    SFW, as they say..mainly about "new world" wines presented by a "new world" lady.. My Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen, I bring you: The Naked Wine Show :rock::bannana::):thumb:
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