1. G

    Just wondered if I have an entry for the starship mileage club here?

    Hi all, don't post often but that may change after my latest purchase! I am now the proud owner of a S210 320 CDi that has covered a staggering 361000 miles..... She is a 2 owner car and has a FULL Mercedes history :bannana: The bills from Mercedes are nothing short of ridiculous, gave up...
  2. trillion

    I'm a newbie and wondered if there is a network of

    owners with MBstar? Seems to be THE diagnostic and coding software to have. I've got Delphi on a diagnostic laptop so as you can imagine I'm a tinkerer in-spite of old age.:D
  3. Herishi

    Ever wondered why we pay so much tax???

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1266649/Theyre-family-Mercedes-drive-getting-42-000-year-benefits-Scroungers-AMANDA-PLATELL-meets-them.html Neither parents work and they can afford 2 cars, one being a Merc.
  4. BTB 500

    If you ever wondered why seatbelts were a good idea ...

    Five people died in this SUV when it rolled (USA): None of them were wearing seatbelts. Looks like they'd have walked away from it otherwise? Driver was 16 ... https://uk.news.yahoo.com/5-die-crash-way-disney-world-police-171611332.html#sLEpnUW
  5. st13phil

    Ever wondered if a website is down?

    Well wonder no more! SWMBO was just trying to check in for a flight and couldn't reach the airline's website. A quick Google turned up Is It Down Right Now? and showed that the site in question is, indeed, down. Just thought it would be useful to share :thumb:
  6. EDZ649

    Often wondered what a 129 looked like......

  7. V

    In case you wondered....

    Thought I'd show you how simple my speed sensor repair was on the Voyager this morning ( technical diagram below) - I can give a more detailed commentary if anyone is interested..... Very relieved its solved - my aunt (who actually owns the car) has meetings in Luton today. The deal is I can...
  8. developer

    I just wondered why........

    both the cars had the alpha's taped out as they travelled on the low loader? Any thoughts?
  9. janner

    Ever wondered how AMG made the 3.6?

    Saw this on another forum and found it interesting... Link
  10. jonnyboy

    post a question you've always wondered the answer to ?

    Inspired by the "petrol pump on-clip" recent thread, I thought it might be fun to ask an irreverent question that you've idly wondered the answer too - lets see if we can get them answered by the members. Here's one to start :- Why does it seem that all 4/5 door cars have the rear door...
  11. splang

    ever wondered the difference between w210 and w211?

    http://www.mercedestechstore.com/pdfs/W211_technician/319%20HO%20W211%20Intro%20(WFF)%2008-05-02.pdf (I put the main site link in the favourites section) I found it really interesting - hope you do too. S
  12. pluggers

    OT. Have you ever wondered?

    Have you ever wondered just how rich you are and where you stand on the rich list? It seems "I" at least have a long climb ahead. Link
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