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    ClS with a wonky steering wheel?

    Hi all, i have just purchased a 2008 ClS 320d and love it. had it looked over by a mechanic and the only thing picked up was a slightly wonky or not straight steering wheel which is now becoming annoying. Any ideas ? is it a simple job to take off and put straight? Thanks
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    Wonky Springs?

    Hello MB folks, My Vito 638 113 campervan seems to be 2cm lower on the nearside than the offside - is it likely to be broken springs, or is there another more obvious reason? It drives fine, with no pull or clunks / bangs from the nearside. Any ideas? Martin
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    dont panic !!! wonky has arrived

    :bannana: hello I'm a newbie today, so greetings to one and all :) in the stable is wifies MX5, my caterham and the merc220, order has been placed for a new E250 to be collected from Germanland in early march :p, hoping to do a few miles before returning it to the dealer for the summer for...
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    Has ebay gone wonky

    Has flea bay gone wonky or is it me. I can get on ebay.com and german ebay but when i try to get on .co.uk it just locKs up. Is any one else having problems.Other sites are working fine. regards
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    my car sits wonky

    Like the title says :( I noticed that the car slopes to the right while it was on the ramps last week... no leaks that i can see what do I need to fix this time???
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    wonky wiper

    Sorry all, I know this thread has been started before but I can't get a clear view of how to solve a problem with my wiper. The trouble is, it won't always park properly when on intermittent or normal use. Do I need to remove the large black cover at the base of the wiper arm to re-grease the...
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