1. DanMorgan

    W210 Avantgarde Wooden Steering Wheel

    Discounted to £200 for mbclub members :rock: Rare W210 Wood Avantgarde Steering Wheel | eBay
  2. Adeinfrance

    Wooden steering wheel

    Hi. Anybody got the above in good used condition for my 300 ce?
  3. donshl

    CLS Wooden Dash Birds eye Maple Complete

    Hi All, I have a set of original CLS (219) Interior wooden trim set for sale in Birds Eye Maple. It's in great condition, hardly any scratches or marks Looking for £300 (OVNO), collections preferred from London. Postage can be arranged, at the buyers cost, although I...
  4. Calcifer

    Wooden House Gates

    Morning. I've been looking into some solid wooden gates for the house for some time now. Anyone had some done, electric or non electric. I have a double drive way with a 2.5m opening on either side. Possibly a forum member here in the trade. I'm based in Manchester area. There seem...
  5. M

    Wooden gullwing??

    Check this https://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/262338551905
  6. M

    R129 sl wooden leather steering wheel

    Genuine Facelift Mercedes Benz R129 Sl Wooden Leather Steering Wheel | eBay
  7. astamir

    w219 w209 w211 half leather/bird eye wooden steering wheel

    Hi Here available for sale a steering wheel without airbag for w219 w209 w211 models. Its half leather half bird eye wooden and ina very good condition. Looking for £250 incl postage or collection from north london edmonton. Thanks

    Wooden Gear Knob

    Came with my w124 when I had it. It will probably fit other models? Here are a few pics. I can't quite tell if it's Zebrano or Burr wood (or neither!). I don't need this anymore. It's in great condition. There are a few small dots o n the lacquer - barely visible in the pics. 50 quid...
  9. Deane x

    Wooden grab handles

    MERCEDES S CLASS W220 SET OF GRAB HANDLES | eBay found these rare I think shame the cream ..I am looking for the same but in gray and the wooden drop down tabblets any one seen any for sale ?
  10. astamir

    w208 bird eye half wooden wheel

    Hi guys Looking for bird eye color wooden steering wheel if you have one drop me a line please Thanks
  11. N

    Interesting Wooden Camper

    On a Mercedes Sprinter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY-IdrkdEZU
  12. S

    wanted centre wooden console for w210 (climate control and radio surround)

    im looking to buy the wooden centre console surround for the radio and climate control in my w210. its an amg and has xenons and heated seats, so if anyone of know where i could locate one itd be much appreciated.
  13. Skhan

    Wooden steering wheel w126/w124

    Very good condition.... £70
  14. H

    CLK W208 wooden heater surround wanted

    In order to complete my extensive modding session on my CLK W208 I need a new heater control surrround like this But with an additional hole for the headlamp washer switch, anybody have one or know where I can get a secondhand one? Many Thanks Harley Man
  15. tonyc280

    W202 Wooden steering wheel wanted

    As above to fit my 1997 W202 C280 V6. Thanks. T.
  16. IRISH E55

    Wooden steering wheel

    Just looking for your thoughts on fitting a wood steering wheel to a 210 e55,! Yay or nay?
  17. 230K

    Wooden floor underlay????

    Hi You guys are a knowledgeable lot so i thought I would ask the question here. I am about to install a Junkers floor over the top of an existing suspended wooden floor and want an underlay that will provide as much insulating properties as possible so that the floor doesn't end up being cold...
  18. A

    W202 Wooden Gear Change Surround

    W202 gear selector surround in wood. In good condition. Andy
  19. 300CE

    mercedes w124 genuine half wooden and leather very rare W124 W201 R129 W126

    mercedes w124 genuine half wooden and leather very rare W124 W201 R129 W126 | eBay
  20. S

    wooden steering wheel?

    Hi, could anyone tell me if a steering wheel from a w124 300ce will fit my w123 230ce,i have seen one for sale on Ebay which is ending soon and i need to know if it will fit before i bid!
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