1. Meldrew2

    A word in your ear.....

    Dear dingbat in the new E Class Yes, I was aware that you came up like a bat out of hell and then sat right on my tail, flashing your lights, before you undertook me. You see, I was about to turn right at the roundabout. I saw you slam on your brakes at the speed camera. I know you must...
  2. S

    Just had a knock on the door from Police... Word of warning..

    Apparently having a row with someone on the road is now an offence. I was reported for a disagreement I had with someone a few weeks back. They havnt done anything but if the reporting person wanted action taken you can go to court now. Just saying :thumb:
  3. jamesfuller

    Now this is how you word an advert!

    Skoda .........throbbing, pulsating, driving pleasure | eBay
  4. poormansporsche

    Guess the swear word - more swear filter madness

    "**********e" ?????? :) P.S its not a swear word at all and mercedes related !
  5. poormansporsche

    The useful German word thread ......

    For finding interesting Mercedes things on ebay.de !!!! Felgen - wheel Leder - leather Holz - wood Lenkrad - Steering Wheel Strobstange - Bumper Gebraucht - Used Feel free to add anything else useful !
  6. grober

    “Many a true word hath been spoken in jest.” ― King Lear

    Rather liked this piece on "economists" by Court Jester Will Self. BBC iPlayer - A Point of View: Economics Priesthood Get past the fine language and there's a lot of truth in there---- almost Shakespearean. ;)
  7. John

    Open source PDF to Word etc.

    Anyone know of a good one. I can find a few but looking for ones which might have been tried and tested e.g. if it were PDF creator - I would recommend CutePDF as I've used that a lot over the last few years.
  8. andy27168

    W202 Rust, A word of warning

    Hi, As some may know I have two W202's, a "P" reg. C230K Sport, and a "T" reg. C43/55 AMG. I bought the C43 knowing it had some dreaded rust worm around the normal places namely all four wheel arches, and when it went in for a gearbox oil change at PCS in Horndean Ollie commented that there...
  9. U

    Mercedes C63 AMG Exhaust Notes - Huge Revs and Powerslide have a word

    Mercedes C63 AMG Exhaust Notes - Huge Revs and Powerslide! - YouTube
  10. Charles Morgan

    Spreading the word

    I have been down to Brighton a lot this year, Nick Froome has been helping me with my BMW 02 (he races one) and also planning the installation of some superb hifi in the W124. In front of the garage that I keep my 02, he keeps a couple of W201s that the market just doesn't seem to want at a...
  11. M

    a word of advice

    DON'T stand in front of a vehicle and insist the driver can't do something, when the driver has obviously had enough. Jobsworth did it to me and now they won't let me into the local 2 counties dumps (sorry, household waste recycling centre) It seems a pair of boots puts up less resistance than...
  12. Bellow

    Amazing one word riddle

    What nine letter word in the English language is still a word when eight letters are removed one by one? Not a trick, entirely genuine. Can you figure it out? I'll be generous - there's a clue in the title.
  13. R

    How do I restore Doc1 to MS Word

    Hi, I successfully managed to muck up the default page in MS Word 2003. Anyone know an easy way to fix it? cheers
  14. crockers

    How do I stop word changing dates??

    When ever I open an old document Word changes its date to todays. How do I stop this happening. Using Word in Office 2011 for Mac. Thanks
  15. Palfrem

    Reading pane in Word

    Does anyone know how to disable the reading pane view? I know you can turn it off when the document is open, but I prefer the full page view. Any ideas please chaps?
  16. D

    Pictures into a Word Document

    Hello I have on a fairly regular basis a large number (150) photo's to mount into a document and then add short comments to. To date I have used software to re size these to a standard size and then copy and pasted into Word, adding comment above or below each one. This takes hours just on...
  17. A

    Putting the word Draft over a document in word

    Hello Wife is typing a document and wants to put Draft across it Its Office 2007 I've switched off and cannot remember. I can do it but a long way round there must be a simple way? Any advice
  18. ringway

    Aligning text & numbers in MS Word.

    To those with the knowledge. How can I make text and numbers align in a word document. I've quickly made a mock word document shown below and can't seem to contol the numbers and text. I've tried aligning left/centre/right but can't get everything neat and tidy. Location Qty Code Colour...
  19. nigel cross

    Scanned Docs into word

    Does anyone know of a good software product that allows a scanned document to be converted into a word doc so can be edited? Free one would be nice . Thanks
  20. W

    Well done Jenson - F1 World Champion

    Well done Jenson - F1 World Champion!! What a season so far......what a great race EDIT: in my excitement I've spelt World incorrectly, oops. I'm sure Jenson is great at scrabble too :)
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