1. G

    How can I get Android play to work

    I have a 2017 E class , Apple play works by just 'plugging' iPhone into USB socket, but my Samsung when connect same way has no functionality Please can anyone help / advise Thanks
  2. D

    Work to be done on frontend S204. Pull airbag fuses?

    Hello everyone, this a 'better safe than sorry' question. The frontend of my S204 is damaged and I'm starting the repair which may include some hammering on the front inner bumperbeam. Knowing the two airbag sensors fitted there, is it sufficient to just undo them or is it wise to pull the...
  3. brucemillar

    Why driving bans don't work?

    Nathan Schwingen jailed for dangerous driving in Broadstairs
  4. flying haggis

    An 80-year-old video perfectly explaining how differentials work.
  5. E

    Becker nav work with any ntg4.5 stereo

    Hi, just wondering if any ntg4.5 will work with a becker sat nav setup, my cd changer unit is damaged withn my stereo and having to source a replacement
  6. Petrol Pete

    Does this actually work ?

    There is a guy who lives near me who is the local 'backyard mechanic' i:e he messes with other peoples cars on his driveway and charges them for the privilege. He told me that you can re set any fault codes or 'dash' lights on older (not sure how old, pre OBD 1996 ?) Mercedes Benz cars by...
  7. S

    Why does OBD scan work like this?

    If you have a computer it scans at startup for faults and if it has a fault and you replace the part it works OK. So why does the OBD scan work differently? If you have a fault and repair it the warning light will still be lit until the code memory is cleared. This makes no sense to a computer...
  8. J

    How does washer pump work ?

    So I've a few issues but working through them slowly. One is washer pump. Motor is fine as I've bench tested it. I've got 12v on the two pump wires. But when I press the stalk nothing happens. How does the switch actually work ? If there is constantly 12v to it. .
  9. M.A.94

    How to spring perch/shims work

    I've lowred my car and it's currently sitting way too low on the front. I'm using #3 spring shim which is 13 mm. If I use the #5 spring shim which is 21mm would this raise my car by 8mm. Or do you double the size difference which would mean it raises it 16mm (I have read this on a...
  10. O

    Command don't work CLS 320cdi 2005

    Hey guys, my command has stopped working properly, doesn't work sat nav and CD button is blank (see pic) i was trying to locate the fuse but can't seem to work out witch one is it for a command. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Londonscottish

    Will W207 Tyre Pressure Sensors work on a 212?

    Hi All, I'm getting the 18's I bought off Woodythewise fitted later today. Two are being refurbed, polished and waxed as I type this, the other two are sitting gleaming in my garage. BUT I called the tyre place earlier and asked them if they could swap over the tyre pressure monitor...
  12. Alex

    How does A/C work?

    In terms of CAN signals. Did MB ever publish this information? Trying to find out what controls the swashplate angle in the compressor. Long shot but you don't ask, you don't get.
  13. C

    fan blower switch work engine off not engine on

    hi all a bit of help please. w201 2.3 16v heater/blower fan works with ignition switched to position 1 or 2 with engine not running it works in all positions until i start the engine then it wont run. stop the engine try again it works in all positions restart engine it stops. so...
  14. D

    Convenience Window Opening Doesn't Work

    The Convenience Window Opening on my CLC does not work. I believe you have to unlock the car with the key and then select the same button on the key to lower the windows. Is this something that is standard or needs enabling? If its standard why won't they open!!?? Thanks.
  15. Sonny Burnett

    Paint and body work suffolk

    Hi Guys, I finally got around 2 getting 2x new wings for my 55, I'm in Ipswich and looking for some one to paint them hopefully someone who knows what they are doing. Can anyone make a recommendation. Thanks Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  16. fabes

    Alternative paint work repair

    Thought I would share this idea in case anyone finds themselves in the same situation So 17 year daughter, to get more road time whilst learning, bought a £500 Corsa. 52 reg, 51k and 12 months mot. Its in good nick ,so why so cheap....? Well some muppet left it parked under a flight path...
  17. jon.english68

    Good Friday work out

    Last Friday I decided was the day I attacked the 7G tronic and gave it a service, drained the oil from the pan, removed the aux pump and drained the converter of its oil, replaced the filter and pan gasket using new bolts, refilled with 9lts of blue fluid and away we go, whilst I was at...
  18. V

    W204 C63 launch control doesn't work

    I've got a facelift C63 mapped by MSL. Not often but occasionally I'll engage LC by doing the following. Sport handling mode on Click paddle Turn selector to RS Confirm with up paddle Apply brake and accelerate, this is where it goes wrong. The car will go into LC mode and revs will...
  19. L

    Clk 320 w208 body work alignment issue

    Hello , I've just picked up a Clk 320 last week , I've been doing a fair amount of work (she's certainly in need)! When I purchased of assumed a front end collision as the bumper / bonnet didn't align on the right side . After fixing a sticky bonnet latch the bonnet is now down properly...
  20. Londonscottish

    2010 212 - how do I work out the version of COMAND

    Trying to baseline it - keep reading about NTG 2.0, NTG 2.5 & different versions of UMI. It's late May 2010 if that helps.
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