1. SportsCoupeRich

    Worked in Finance

    the comments that are made around the budget, stocks, shares, ISAs etc always have me wondering how many of the board are banking/finance professionals. At the risk of being shot down, I am by trade, but not now, an M&A banker. These days I have my now businesses out in the Middle East doing...
  2. A

    They Finall have worked out what happened

    I am sure you lot of have seen but just in case anyone is not aware, a retailer has worked out why they have been selling dodgy meat. BBC News - Iceland boss blames councils over 'poor meat quality'
  3. O

    BlackC55's solution worked :)))) Misfire disappeared

    Dear Olly, Your idea worked.. I couldn’t belive the results. On Saturday I rang Jack around 10:00 and asked him if there is anything needs to be done after driving car on motorway and he said that nothing needs to be done and it should clear itself (Thanks Jack for explaining the procedure, I...
  4. crockers

    Weird but it worked for me .

    Ok ...can anyone tell me how this works.. Your House Number
  5. Gucci

    Wrapped in cotton wool or worked hard?

    This weekend, I had to wince and shudder as my precious ML was used as a workhorse, lugging old turf and top soil to the dump several times :( (I've promised her a good wash and wax). Have you had to subject your car to abuse or has it always been pampered?!
  6. Paul

    Brake assist worked

    For the second time only in 14 months I had the emergency brake assist kick in. The strange thing is that both occasions were identical, I was slowing gently (honest) for a round about with only gentle pressure on the brake pedal. Suddenly theres a loud hiss, the sort you get from a air line...
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