1. F

    C63 AMG Experience at Mercedes-Benz World
  2. M

    New to the Merc world and Coilover Q?

    Hi everyone, So just bought my first MB and went for a 2011 (60plate) c350 cdi w204 with pan roof, memory seats, hk system and loads more. I previously had an Astra VXR mk5 which I spent a lot of time modding both visually and preformance (got it to 278bhp with 336lbs of torque). I loved the...
  3. Z

    New to the world of Mercedes, some advice please!

    Hi All. Having owned a few decent German cars previously I am now turning my attention to Mercedes for the first time (please be gentle...) I think I'm pretty settled on a facelift (2013) E250 CDI AMG estate and am very aware that the online community is invaluable when it comes to advice for...
  4. brucemillar

    Mad World.

    Warning: Rant approaching. So This morning I drop Mrs M, at the doctors for an appointment. I park my C55 in the middle of a bay that is at the end of a row of empty bays, that are as far from the surgery as one can get, without being in the next County. As myself and my daughter sit there...
  5. Z

    C300h - Real world MPG's ?

    Hi all, Considering the C300h, in a move to potentially reduce fuel costs and get with the times in the move to becoming an eco-warrior. However, road tested one today for an hour in Eco mode, on different roads, some flat, some ups and downs, and drove it very sedately at times, and a...
  6. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 13th Aug. 11:00

    Summer is here and it's been a while since we last gathered at MB World for the regular natter, coffee and discussion about all things in the motoring world. The plan is as usual for these events; to gather at MB World at around 11:00 - discuss cars in the car park - retire to the showroom...
  7. BIRMA

    Anyone else going to MB World for 50 years of AMG?

    Just wondered if anyone was planning on going to this event, I've invited a few friends to come along and have a look. I know its sold out but we plan to cruise along and check it out.
  8. gr1nch

    Is this Lincolnshire Ice Cream Van the world's smallest?

    Spotted yesterday in Louth. The owner told me over a coffee ice cream cone (and flake naturally!) that he was originally looking for a Mini flat bed / pick up van for fishing. This was the only one he could find and he got it to modify. Trouble was his wife took a shine to it, meaning they kept...
  9. gr1nch

    Unmanned Systems of World Wars I and II

    Whilst looking on my TV guide I stumbled a fascinating National Geographic programme on WWII technology and part of it was on radio remote controlled aircraft. The adapted bombers streamed video to companion manned aircraft! Had no idea. And why did Drones become the common term for UAvVs...
  10. M

    Ex-MB World cars

    What happens to the ML's from MB World 4x4 experience after they're finished with them? I've been offered to buy a 2nd hand ML 4x4 which I believe was used at MB World for about 9 months on the off road track. But am wary it has had a hard start in life and I will face reliability or faults...
  11. S

    E Class Best car in the world right now?

    This review seems to hint as such... Does do a lot! Sorry embed is not working!!
  12. T

    First world problems - c63s coupe colours

    Hi all I realize that this is a stupid "problem" to have but I would appreciate some second opinion(s) if any one can be bothered ! I have put a deposit down on a c63s coupe ( the one with red brake calipers) . I have to fix the spec soon and I can decide what I want Current option...
  13. G

    First world problem - seat conundrum

    I have a 2015 W205 C63S estate currently with the AMG sports seats. Brilliant car and great seats albeit the fake cutaways for a harness are a bit silly despite me liking the look of them. However for various reasons I am due to swap this out for a convertible (same car - C63S) shortly and...
  14. Londonscottish

    Real world MPG - 350 CGI vs 500 vs E63

    Hi All, I'm really struggling to find a 212 350 CGI in the spec I want to thought might cast the net a bit wider. £19k could get me into a nice W211 E63, for example, but the fuel economy does make me wonder (and yes, I know, if I'm asking that question....). Anyway; the only thing...
  15. M

    311 and 313 real world difference

    hi, can anyone please advise on what noticeable difference between 311 & 313 models. Also, any real world difference between Euro 4 & Euro 5. Thanks very much for any help :thumb:
  16. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 12th March 11:00

    Spring is here and I think it's about time for us to reconvene at MB World for the regular natter, coffee and discussion about all things in the motoring world. The plan is as usual for these events; to gather at MB World at around 11:00 - discuss cars in the car park - retire to the...
  17. robgosty

    SL 350 real world MPG

    As above, quite fancy one of these around 05/06/07, what MPG are owners actually getting. I know what the specs say but I don't drive round a test track at 55mph, any replies much appreciated Cheers
  18. steve333

    Ml300cdi real world mpg

    Can any present/past ml300cdi owners give me the real world average mpg over a tank please(interested in a ml300cdi 2011,will be mainly urban/extra urban journeys,some 100 each way twice a month and a daily roundtrip Monday-Friday of 20 miles involving 4 stops during),thanks for any help!
  19. grober

    World view

    Like to go into space? Try this story in the latest ever interesting BBC CLICK. Tickets to start from around £60,000 but I imagine its a surefire after dinner conversation piece! BBC iPlayer - Click - 21/01/2017 ps lets hope the project gets off the ground--literally. ;)
  20. F

    Best Driving Road in the World?
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