1. erdnase

    SCDB The Worldwide Speed Camera DataBase

    Just had tested a sample file the The Worldwide Speed Camera DataBase sent me recently and it works perfectly. Noticed a couple of other websites with the same service. Just wondered if anybody had tried Pocket GPS World - SatNavs | GPS | Speed Cameras for example.
  2. erdnase

    The Worldwide Speed Camera DataBase

    Hi, Just wondered if anybody has used this website to add speed camera alerts to their sat nav . - Die weltweite Blitzerdatenbank
  3. The _Don

    Free sports channels worldwide app

    Check out the following app which provides free sports channels worldwide World Tv Pro by Dilshad Raja.
  4. The _Don

    VW Recalls 2.6m Cars Worldwide Over Faults
  5. B

    W203 - back box worldwide shortage???

    Unfortunately, the back box fell off my C180K this week :mad: - got about 10 minutes warning of the exhaust blowing before it hit the deck. Local, well respected, exhaust fitters couldn't source the part, so phoned the local Indie who then told me he'd have to order it in and he'd phone me back...
  6. I

    WTB: Genuine w202 roofrack (ship worldwide)

    hi, There.. i'm driving w202 T modell (station wagon) and looking for the genuine roof rack / tow bar, etc .. Since i found several times on ebay UK but they only serve local postage and pick up only... Can anyone help where i can get'em that this worldwide or is there any shop that sell those...
  7. proser

    Mercedes Benz CLK DTM AMG (1 of 13 RHD worldwide) £225,000.00
  8. Flyer

    Microsoft Worldwide Telescope

    Was watching the Money programme about Microsoft last night (was very interesting, with gorgeous Fiona Bruce) and Bill Gates was being demoed some new MS Research software. Went looking for it, and found it : WWT description: The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is...
  9. N

    Worldwide Ebay strike.

    The recent changes seem to have pi55ed people off.
  10. B

    Ordering PC Polisher builds worldwide relations!

    I think this is amazing (please forgive me - I'm kinda excited). Some of you will remember that at the Kettering GTG earlier in the year Goldfish11 used my car to demonstrate his PC polisher. I like a number of you were kinda smitten but I'd not done anything about it until now. I've been...
  11. S

    Largest AMG-parade worldwide

    I received this in the mail and thought might be of interest to some forum members. << Deutsche Übersetzung im Club-Forum >> Over 250 participating members of the AMG Owners Clubs from Italy, Switzerland and Germany will form a parade of cars in April 2004, which has never been there...
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