1. T

    Worried about C63 secondary cat delete

    Hello all, I am sorry to create another thread about the W204 secondary cat delete. I know it's been discussed to death... I've had a W204 C63 since January this year, and I love it (obviously). But I have been watching some videos (this one specifically -...
  2. CLSMark

    Slightly worried...

    I have the interior trim out at the moment, which includes the climate control unit. Due to being dads taxi I've had to drive without the climate unit attached The engine fan is permanently on now, and when I say on I mean it's on mega mode. Somebody please tell me it's related.. Sent from...
  3. S

    Should I be worried?

    I was familiarising myself under the hood today and noticed a build up of what seemed like grease/dirt around the left side of the air intake (not sure if that is the correct term) I could not see anything directly underneath to suggest an oil leak, but not sure how it would get into this...
  4. camerafodder

    Really worried about my car!!!

    Folks I'm hoping to get some sound advice as I'm really stressing out about this!! I got into my car yesterday and noticed that I see through all of the windows, particularly the windscreen!! Its like it isn't even there!!! I'm so worried, is this normal??? It's even affecting my...
  5. K

    C63 low coolant warning, should I be worried?

    I have a 2013 C63 with 33000 miles on the clock and when I started the car this evening, a message came up on the dash saying coolant level is low and needs topping up. I will check the level later when the car has cooled down but should I be worried about this? Research seems to indicate...
  6. abecketts

    E320cdi smoke, should i be worried?

    Just been across to Italy and whilst the car performed 100% carried 5 plus roof box and returned 38mpg I did wonder if something was amiss. Joining a Swiss autoroute I had to accelerate a little quicker than normal on looking at the rear view mirror the scene was obscured by dark grey smoke. The...
  7. P

    Car in dealership - Suspiciously worried.

    I have a 2005 CLK under Merc service plan. I cancelled my warranty last year. My car was fully serviced and passed as tip top condition less that a year ago by Merc. The oil warning came up a couple of times recently and the last time I put 1 litre in, as advised, when filling up. That...
  8. J

    W208 CLK 430 - Should I be worried about this leak?

    Hi, I have just bought a year 2000 W208 430 CLK. Its great and I love the car. I have attached two pics. One of a higher level picture and Ive circled the leak in a black marking. Ive also zoomed in and provided a closer up view. Any advice would be great fully received if I should be...
  9. Andy67

    Should I be Worried Valeo Radiator

    I have a CLK 270 CDI W209 its now done 90000 today and last serviced at 87000. Was checking to see which radiator is fitted and saw its a Valeo Radiator. Lable : RA 1032 ,,, 848695M F,,, 20350007Q3 made in poland 02/12/02 So Bell's are ringing now,, But car run's fine, has no jerky...
  10. S

    Multiple issues, worried

    Aloha All. I was so excited about my getting a 95 E300D Sept 2011. But since then it has been one thing after another. 1st White smoke from dash and A/C has not worked since, but hot air blows from the top vents 2nd glow plug indicator on dash comes on only AFTER the car is...
  11. crockers


    I'm really getting concerned about my wife. Since its been snowing she's constantly looking through the window. Its getting on my nerves so much. I just might have to let her in.
  12. mercmad321

    Should i be worried?

    I have had my W212 E250 cdi with 6 speed manual for two days now and on two occasions it as jumped out of reverse ,should i return the car? or am i being hasty.
  13. H

    Slightly worried- Engine turn off

    Hi distinguished members of the Mercedes Benz Club, Last week I made the best purchase of my life so far- a Mercedes CLK 270 CDI (YESSSS!). The car has been driving like a dream, however yesterday I encountered something that may be a problem. A friend wanted to take it for a spin, I sat with...
  14. shshivji

    Picking up the car tomorrow but now worried about the m272 engine

    Hi every one, been really excited this week to pick my c280 tomorrow. But yesterday i was going through the various merc forums and found that the early m272 engines had issues with soft balancer shaft sprocket that wore down and causes the timing to go out :-/ i checked my engine serial number...

    M103 oil pressure - should I be worried?

    Today took the 300CE for a spin, the first in a long time, after about 30 minutes driving I noticed the oil pressure gauge dropped to about 1 when idling in d (revs about 600 I estimate) = returning to a full 3 only after about 1200 rpm is reached. Is this OK? It's lower than the 220 engine...
  16. P

    New MB owner worried about Temp Gauge!

    HI Ive had my 2001 CLK couple of weeks and worried the temp. gauge seems to fluctuate between 80 and jst below 100 constantly when driving at all speeds. more noticeable whilst in slow moving traffic. Is this normal for this model or do I have a cooling problem?
  17. P

    Will wrong rear tyre size damage CLK w209? Worried!

    Hello all, I am a newcomer to Mercedes ownership having bought one 2 weeks ago. The car is a 2003 CLK 320 W209 with 58k on the clocks if that helps? I bought it with 18" AMG alloys, have no idea which type though. Anyway, I have noticed today that the rear tyres are exactly the same as the...
  18. tolly


    Lads I have a W210 and first time today I sat in the back of it and with our weather at the moment (pissin rain) i noticed a few drops of water coming from the OSR pull handle the one that is on the roof. Everything seems dry to feel so I was wondering anyone heard of anything similar or...
  19. Z

    Should i be worried? (W211 glycol issue)

    Hi guys. I had my 500 in for change of cooling system, cooling lines and converter in january 2011 at a Mercedes dealership because of the glycol issue. Yesterday I took a look at the crimping of the radiator and to my surprise, the only thing I could see is tooth-shaped crimping like on...
  20. D

    rough idle/oil light on -linked? worried

    Vehicle: SL320 1999 WDB 129064 2F 177672 7 ENGINE 112943 30 333401 GEARBOX- 722607 0 1207121 Ireland Hi, My car was serviced 6400miles ago (oil service due in 3600 miles). Today my oil light came on - I pulled into a petrol station and checked the level - nearly empty - topped it up by 1L of...
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