1. M

    Picking up a W210 this evening, is this anything to worry about?

    I'm picking up a nice, rusty-but-still-MOT'd W210 300dt this evening, on 172k. I'll be driving it back about 200 miles so I should get a good idea if there's anything serious wrong mechanically, but I just got the below info from the seller: "1 - oil weep from oil filler cap on rocker cover -...
  2. markjay

    Nothing to worry about - everything is under control (incident in France)

    Injuries feared after blast at French nuclear power plant Let's hope for a Western wind...... :eek:
  3. C

    And some worry about driving in the rain!

    For those on here with cleaning OCD this must be your worst nightmare;) http://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/huge-human-waste-spillage-closes-us-motorway-9658851.html
  4. brucemillar

    F1 never worry about how your hooter looks.

    Oh dear. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  5. tonyc280


    I must say the more i read about cars breaking down the more i worry about my v6 breaking down but dont ever see about c280's having troubles. Maybe i should stop reading but i do enjoy. T.
  6. P

    First ever Mercedes but worry over Smoke

    Hi, I am a Newbie to the forum and to Mercedes. This weekend I bought a 2005 A209 CLK 200 Kompressor. For my first Mercedes I am very pleased with the quality and feel and hope it will be a reliable car. BUT, I have noticed a steady stream of White / Grey smoke from the exhaust when holding the...
  7. ray d

    Amg oil temp worry

    Hi all, I am sure this has been asked before but I have tried to do a search with no joy. I have just got a 55amg and the oil temp is hovering between 98c and 105c normal driving in outside temp of 17. Is that normal or should I be concerned. Thanks Ray
  8. S

    Auto Box Worry

    I recently bought my c180 auto so i can drive to hospital appointments with a broken leg. i know enough about cars to carry out work myself but nothing about an auto. my merc changes at low revs when it is driven from cold, but now when the car has been driven a few hours before, and is then...
  9. englishdas

    Don't think Mercedes has to worry about BMW just yet....

    Look at the state of the new BMW 1 series Is there an uglier car out there? When you look at the new A class concept, which I know isn't a production model but gives us an idea of Merc's direction, I feel sorry for brand loyal Beemer owners. Then again, no I don't, stuff em.
  10. M

    rattling sound near polybelt should i worry?

    Hi All, I hear this rattling sound and it looks like its from the polybelt area. Is the tensioner going or is there something else i need to worry about? It is more pronounced at idle and I don't seem to hear it when reving up the engine. noisey polybelt area - a set on Flickr Thanks...
  11. dokalj

    ML Suspension Worry

    Hi all, I hope everyone is well. I know I am always talking about my suspension, although today on my road; which is bumpy. There was a sudden drop well in feel on the driver’s side and a weird noise I have not heard before, while driving. It was not like your classic creek, more like a...
  12. C

    C32 AMG advice please (Test drive worry)

    Hello, I test drove a C32 AMG Mercedes today. Brief info on the car is 75K Miles and FMBSH. It was a great car however I became concerned on the test drive. At around 30Mph there was a all too noticable boom in the cabin. Below this speed and above this speed it vanished. Being as I have...
  13. Godot

    This could be a worry

    From the Piston heads web site : :crazy::crazy::crazy::dk::dk: (Not sure if this is the correct part of the forum to post in) 'NOT GUILTY' MOTORISTS FACE COURT COSTS Drivers acquitted of motoring charges will pay costs under new government scheme Could you afford to fight an unfair ticket...
  14. M

    Car Dead!! (Don't worry, not a Merc)

    My brother has been told by local garage that his Toyota Eminem people carrier has had it!! Head gasket gone, and damage to engine has occured. Basically, not worth fixing so want to ask what his options are? I suggested lising on eBay as breaking for spares. But he's doesn't really have...
  15. Chrishazle

    Health Check Report - Should I Worry About Any Of These?

    Just had the free health check at MB Ashford on my 2001 C270CDI estate (first MB, love it!!). They had a few comments that I'm not sure about as I'm not "oily handed". First, they said my brake fluid is black. It was changed on 10/5/2006 and 45848 miles - currently 70500 miles, have only done...
  16. verytalldave

    Should I worry?

    My door mirrors are set to fold/unfold when the drivers door is locked or unlocked and opened - depending. My question is, now its winter and looks like snow this year at some point. What is the effect on an auto folding door mirror trying to unfold when its encrusted with a full nights frozen...
  17. R

    You worry about some people......

    We had been trying to find an unusual lightbulb and no one had it. I then remembered that I had an account with an electrical wholesalers who would have it. My wife went to see them yesterday and they did have the bulbs at 27p each but in multipacks of 5 of 10. My wife was being served by a...
  18. Ken555

    My cars an Import should I worry ?

    Recently purchased a May 2003 CLK 320, from a MB Dealer in England Booked it into the local MB dealership for some warranty work, and the car shows up as an 2002 Import. Wasn't told this by the 1st dealer, is it a problem ? Double checked on the Russian vin checker and it shows the car was...
  19. Birdman

    Self-leveling suspension worry

    The warning message came on in France 500 miles into a 2,000 mile tour as the suspension went rock hard. Meanwhile the suspension hydraulic fluid reservoir level went UP and brimmed the container. Fault codes flaggged the rear rhs acceleration sensor as defective and one of the two hydraulic...
  20. jeremy156

    Leaking oil? Worry?

    OK guys, what do you make of this? I just pulled the plastic cover off the top of my engine (M112 V6) to discover rather a lot of what appears to be old oil all over the place. Is this something to worry about? Expensive repair coming up? I find she's drinking a fair amount of oil...
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