1. GillyC63

    Parking sensor failure or worse?

    Hi all 2010 C63 wagon, it would appear the rear parking sensor(s) on my wagon have given up the ghost. Everytime I select reverse I get a beep several seconds long & two red led's on the rear headlining indicator. Front sensors appear to be working fine. I also get the two red led's (on the...
  2. Ray1888

    Is This The Worse Mercedes Repair Ever ?

    Try to keep this brief,had an accident in October,ran over a exhaust back box,was half a mile from Mercedes garage so limped down there.Car was badly damaged underneath,it got a new steering rack,steering ecu,new sump,middle exhaust box,and rear crossmember was replaced.was told £6k to...
  3. CreosoteChris

    W124 Climate Panel / Console Illumination - From Bad to Worse

    Some time ago (months actually, but now winter is here it’s annoying me) the gearshift indicator illumination on my C124 failed - so I decided to fix it yesterday. I dug out my bag of those little crummy bulbs used for instrument and switch illumination, and removed the centre console trim /...
  4. D

    W124 E220 Loud ticking - worse when hot

    I have an 1995 E220 with the M111 engine, and it has developed a pronounced ticking/tapping noise. It started last autumn and I assumed it was one of the tappets - it is directly linked to engine rpm and seems to be coming from the top of the engine, near the back. I had the headgasket done over...
  5. grober

    Diesel cars pollution is much worse <18C

    A recent survey of Euro 5 cars has shown that they generate much more toxic emissions below 18C principally by defeating much of the engine pollution controls.. This is perfectly legal under current legislation. It's unfortunate that defeating the emission controls also may have the effect of...
  6. vikCLS63

    Worse ever tint...lol

    Does anyone heard of "TMC London window tinting and car wrapping" based in Romford? Well, if you haven't don't even search for doing anything with them. If you see them anywhere around the network, you must go away of that link. Just had done the tint of my CLS63 with them today and disappointed...
  7. B

    So what is worse than bird poo on a new mercedes?

    How about the bird that did it, and then it does a dance across my bonnet. Car is 3 weeks old.
  8. Reggie-rock

    Tailgater accident comes off worse.

    I had an driver behind me yesterday driving close behind but as I and the car in front of was following a tractor on a twisty country road we just had to accept the low speed, much to the frustration to the driver on my back bumper. As we approached a right hand turning the car in front of me...
  9. A

    Car pulling to left (worse) after wheel alignment - report attached

    Hi All, Car is a 2008 W204 C220 CDI Saloon, 5 speed auto. I got new tyres last week and the dealer replaced the 'diff balancer' under warranty (just looks like a mount behind the rear subframe (which the diff bushes are mounted to)) - stiff component but the bushes were worn so they replaced...
  10. Meldrew2

    Could have been worse

    At least Jeremy Clarkson's reg wasn't AR61 IES :D .
  11. Deane x

    Worse e bayer ever what a joke

    I saw some s class W220 4 white strip rear lights for sale on e bay at £90 but pick up only so messaged person if they would deliver , they replyed no ,so the lights did not sell and the person relisted them for £75 I messaged again and the person said ok to posting and changed the ad to free...
  12. grumpyoldgit

    They walk among us, but worse still they drive too!!!

    I called in for fuel and to check tyre pressures today, as the air-line bay was empty I decided to check the tyres first and couldn't believe my eyes at the sight of the car at the nearest pump. The driver of the car which caught my attention was just returning to his vehicle and was in a bit of...
  13. MercedesDriver

    Worse petrol experience ever

    On Saturday I was driving back home after lovely spent day with family and at one point had to refill tank asap. Since I was on M20 driving towards Dartford crossing on M25 you all know how many services are there so at one point when I was almost on vapours just after toll I had to stop and...
  14. D

    It's going to look worse before it looks better.....

    Decided I wasn't 100% happy with the paint finish.... Probably just me as everyone at work thought I was crazy and thought it looked great as it was. But I hate orange peel look in paint, I even carried out this process to a brand new motor straight off the forecourt a few years back as most...
  15. K

    Car dealers -The best and the worse

    Car dealers - the best and the worst | Auto Express Mercedes 12th Audi 23rd BMW 24th Yay!! :D
  16. D

    Urgh, mpg is only getting worse on c220, thoughts ?

    Hi all ,I bought a 2006 w203 cdi c220 last month, when I bought it I suspected that the thermostat was duff, had this replaced and the car gets up to temp after approx 9 mins so pretty good I thought , after a steady cruising on the motorway at 60 the mpg would creep up to sometimes 41 mpg ...
  17. poormansporsche

    Could be worse ....

    Cant off the top of my head think how though ! :doh: Project Kahn-1994 MERCEDES C280 AUTO SILVER | eBay
  18. Howard

    If this is real , it plumbs new depths ......

    Oh dear ...... Tackytastic YouTube
  19. DSM10000

    An MOT fail but it could be worse!

    I booked the MOT for today a few weeks early as I normally do. It failed on the: "Nearside front (rear lower) suspension arm has excessive play in a ball joint" Not really anything to get upset about at 107,000 miles. The garage will sort it next week and then issue the new MOT, typically...
  20. S

    Worse car ever in snow !!

    Well having to get back last night I was so stressed had to be pushed several times traction on at all times no off switch :confused: so switching from man to comfort to sport what the bloody hell was merc thinking about ? slightest hill and ther she got stuck , once I got momentum going was ok...
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