1. merc85

    1,901 of worthless Posts

    As above well done me lol:D
  2. Deane x

    Good bye diesel cars ..will this make secondhand cars almost worthless

    Are diesel cars about to be phased out due to pollution ruling? | This is Money
  3. Burger

    Worthless Junk?

    Over the years I've amassed laptops, PC's, components, cards, power supplies etc. etc. This is through buying parts for my own PC's as well as working on others etc. I even have an IBM iSeries 170 (AS400) While I don't believe there's anything wrong with any component, I'm also pretty sure there...
  4. A

    worthless A class

    I bought an A class AUTOMATIC from a Mercedes dealer 4 years ago--less than one year old and now @37000 miles he has told me that it will take £5000 to replace the gearbox. I am stunned. This literally is one lady owner. Its obviously not worth paying £5000 for a car which is worth £5500 with a...
  5. aka$h

    Wont be buying another MB! Mobilo Life is worthless!

    After a call from DCUK, i feel its time to face up to the truth, the cars are not what they once were and the same goes for customer service. The current rust issues on my w220 have been totally ignored by the supplying dealer, Mobilio life and DCUK. More details on the rust here...
  6. SimonsMerc

    Them worthless reputation points...

    Folks, As a matter of courtesy, if you're going to leave me negative reputation points, could you plesae sign them so that I at least know who they're from? A comment as to why would also be nice. I mean, I know they don't actually mean anything, but this is just common courtesy surely...
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