1. grober

    Ello Ello Ello Wot's all this then?

    Emergency police cars given to civilian staff - BBC News So next time you get pulled over with that blue light flashing in your rearview mirror --- it may not be the traffic police it might be the The Director of Enabling Services!:rolleyes:
  2. Felstmiester

    Cars for sale scams wot is there goal??

    I've been looking for a truck for work as having a change around. I've noticed on eBay, auto trader, gumtree. There will be a vehicle say on a 11 plate advertised at a buy it now at half the price it should be. Normally there will be a number to call on the listing but not all the time. For...
  3. general patten

    What tyre size?

    i have brought 8 x17 et 33 and 9x17 et 30 wheels for my 1995 e220 coupe.Wot tyre size will fit these rims
  4. MancMike

    WOT in the gear I'm in?

    Hi, It's been bugging me since I got an auto, but I love it so much it's not put me off. In a manual, of course, you can go to wide open throttle in any gear, whenever. In my auto, if I go to WOT, even if I don't go through the kick down button, the car drops gears. That's fine if I...
  5. G

    Be careful wot u wish for

    Put me c class 320 in for remap. 2 1/2 wks ago for a 2 hour job, he rang later that day , to say the chip won't take the remap, and he'd try putting the old map on , rang me an hour later, couldn't put the original map on, and he'd have to send the ecu to the company who wrote the remap , rang...
  6. Mactech

    Wot Porsche?

    I've had a number of cars through my hands over the last few weeks, but none of them Mercedes:o This week I was in a Porsche. It gave the figures below. So what was it???:dk:
  7. T

    car runs good at WOT only

    Hello guys I am from Bulgaria and I am new to this forum, already registered in other boards, but people there seem to be very unhelpfull (or dumb I can't decide) so I decided to post my 3-and-more months old problem here. My car ('95 C200 petrol W202, manual, 180K miles on the clock)...
  8. imadoofus

    Wot no smart card?

    My new Dell notebook has a built in smart card reader. Where can I get a smart card from? Dell don't seem to sell them (and Dell are currently not talking to me anyway...) TIA PJ
  9. glojo

    Cricket Wot Cricket?

    :o :o :o Australia 73 for 1 SEVEN fours and FIVE sixes. Just to add insult to injury England dropped a very, very SIMPLE catch. John Lewis Humiliated?? Humiliating?? all the English players should be deported and made to stay and live the rest of their lives in Australia so that they can...
  10. pluggers

    wot a poser

    Do you think this will ever catch on? :p
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