1. c32andy

    new tyres wow

    I've owned my c63ppp for 3.5years and always put continentals on I've read and read about the michelin so after only getting around 4k miles out of the rear tyres i decided to change and go for the michelins... and wow what a massive difference i can actually get traction in first where the...
  2. clk320x

    2017 amg gtr wow

    On M1 today spotted a 2017 AMG GTR Heard these are quite rare in the U.K.? What a beast
  3. brucemillar

    Wow. Oh Wow.

    Each time I hear this it does things to me. So many thoughts and emotions. Turn up your volume. Sit back. Close your eyes.
  4. A

    Wow like this beast

    MC Customs Mercedes Benz S63 AMG !
  5. ioweddie

    Amazing collection Wow!
  6. D

    New C32 24hr modification marathon WOW it's totally transformed

    Hi all I'm back in a Mercedes my last being a CL55 about 18 months ago and last Sunday I picked up a C32 AMG. Here's a few pictures of how it looked when I got it home: My wife said it's very plain and very grandad'ish which made me sulk So I immediately started planning what I...
  7. A

    Wow the E300

    Hi, Any guru threads on the new E300 Hybrid.....looks like its a world beater to me? They say it gets upwards of 65 mpg??? Now that is amazing. Anyone driving this model over the last three years...? How is the maintenance of the E300? What regular costs are involved outside of mechanical...
  8. BenzedUP


    Has to be the best 210 E55 AMG in the country! Would love that, just keep in the garage - one stunning E55!
  9. B

    Brabus Exhaust - WoW

    I asked Brabus to give me a quote for a full system. I was gobsmacked at the price! Anyone else had this fitted? <<I have listed a breakdown of prices below. I must mention that in order to fit the Brabus valve controlled exhaust, the carbon rear diffuser must also be fitted to accommodate...
  10. mark_le_b

    WOW - check out this CLK

    MERCEDES CLK 500 Modified 352bhp! AMG Exhaust, lowered, stance, headturner! | eBay?
  11. t-dawg1

    BMW M3 wow what a beauty

  12. Sp!ke

    wow ...300bhp out of the new Kawasaki Ninja H2

    I have to ride me one of these :D
  13. d w124


    Some people just don't know when is enough
  14. R

    Gemclean and my SL interior ... Wow !

    About 6 months ago, Mike @ Gemclean did a full super in and out job on my 10 year old SL55 (he can tell you what he did :-) ) I said at the time he had made the leather look new. Well, this week I had to replace the armrest since I broke the catch - this is covered in Nappa leather and...
  15. Alfie

    The Eagles - WOW

    Went to see them on Monday night. Unbelievably good. The line up is; Glen Frey Don Henley Joe Walsh Tim Schmidt plus a couple of others from over the years. They did all their hits and gave some background into their history as a band. Joe Walsh also performed 'Lifes been good'...
  16. The Boss

    how lucky were they

    ok.. just came across this online.. from 2007 i believe.. but OMG..
  17. LTD

    A 'wow' weather map

    This is rather captivating Weather Map
  18. brucemillar

    Inside a tree trunk. Wow.

    I went for a walk today. Came across this tree that come down across the road. The local log guy (a friend) had cut it up and cleared the road. The trunk was hollowed out when he cut into it. Bees had created a giant hive in the hollow. Possibly the bees created the hollow? Huge honeycombs...
  19. Conquistador

    Bugatti EB110 for sale... just WOW

    3.5 V12, 859km from new £POA ... £750k?
  20. smillion

    Wow, that's not my taste ... American style E320 OMG !!!!

    I just could not resist drawing this everyone's attention. It has to be seen to be believed ...... It's unusual and not to my taste .. Please take the time to have a peek ;) AMERICAN STYLE MERCEDES E320 AUTO BLACK | eBay
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