1. K

    WOW W124 e200 for nearly 6k!!

    Is he a dreamer? 1995 Mercedes E200 Auto | eBay
  2. Palfrem

    WOW Shine

    WOW? Waterless Cleaning Products Was given some of this yesterday, any others used it? Quick test squirt, it works quite well. Shifted bugs and left a shine. The two towels are nice quality.
  3. LTD

    I saw a car at NSL today and - WOW !!!!

    A lovely black SLR Maclaren. Saw it twice today on the new section of the M74. Nice to see that the owner has a similar work pattern to me albeit a different take home pay .... V13 SLR - I salute you !!!!!
  4. Borys

    Wow 124 !!!!!

    Damn, why it came on the market now - next month and defo I would be picking it up 1995 MERCEDES E280 W124 amg manual classic | eBay
  5. E


    I bet this took ages to set up! TOP GEAR 'Best of British' - McLaren P1, One-77, F1 Cars, F-Types Taxis, Minis...! - YouTube
  6. babyblueCE

    Mercedes CL500 AG Excalibur wow!!!!

  7. M

    Wow ! just Wow have you seen it?

    Came across this on you tube guys !
  8. marc.l

    Wow , headers and cat delete done

    Well a good result , finished the instal today and was not a fun job to do ! Good news is after rehanging the rear boxs on new rubbers the annoying thump from the back passenger side has gone . It's been making a thud going over bumps for 4 years and mb were never able to get to the bottom of it...
  9. Charles Morgan


    Ok it's from a porker, but this interior fabric is just amazing. Talk about making a journey into a trip!
  10. The Boss

    £25,500 - wow.. how times have changed

    and damn it was ugly then too.. but wow £25,500... im amazed maybe some one with more grey hairs can shed some light on the past for me
  11. Marvin16x

    Anyone out there who ...

    could provide some pics of a cavansite blue C63 AMG (with multi-spoke wheels preferably)? I'm trying to convince a mate that this combo looks absolutely stunning not only on the AMG car configurator :D Thanks a lot!
  12. S

    One Man One Engine - WOW

    What a passion and skill to match m3KdpzL3Hkk
  13. ioweddie

    Wow got 67.1 mpg on the sports plus

    (C220 cdi AMG Sport Plus Saloon Sept 2012) Yep, was on a trip from the Isle of Wight to Sunninghill near Ascot, the reset from start was showing 51 mpg when I was doing 70ish mph on the M3, which was the average from start, so I reset it as though I had just started the journey while doing 70ish...
  14. mark_le_b

    Wow thats bright leather!

    Mercedes E55 AMG in Brilliant Silver, full red leather - FSH, long T&T | eBay
  15. O

    New Car - Wow! - tips please

    Hi All, I picked up our new C220 CDI Auto Sports Plus Coupe today and I have to say I'm impressed!!! Do you guys have any tips on running it in properly? Or any else I can do to make sure it stays in tip top condition? Never had a new Merc so I'm interested in other people's experiences...
  16. developer

    Wow, a diesel E63 AMG - the dealer says so - it must be right!

    Naughty naughty...........especially the wing badges.
  17. 8

    WOW look at this G

    REDUCED 1993 MERCEDES 300 GES G WAGON LOW RESERVE WHITE MONSTER OFF ROAD KING | eBay Got to be the best off roader ive seen
  18. mercedescl500

    Current c43/c55 Market Value ? wow

    C43/C55 W202 Silver Mercedes AMG. Never knew they would be worth so much:dk: 1998 MERCEDES C55 AMG AUTO SILVER SUPER CAR VERY RARE ONLY 3 IN THE UK CARS | eBay And its 1 of 3. Im sure we have 3 on this forum alone ?
  19. billywhiz

    First time i've pressed this button - er since I owned the car - WOW

    driving down through the A34 - what a difference. :) Never thought of pressing it before :doh:
  20. Alfie

    Wow what a car!

    Spotted KP61DXC which is a very dark blue/black SLS convertible last night in Chobham. The driver looked remarkably like one Mr R Dennis. The car was definately a McLaren owned/leased one as they all have the same notation at the foot of the number plate.
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