1. ghummy

    Insurance write off

    Hi all. Despratley need some advice Had a lovely c class. 54 plate. C220 avantgarde. Had it for 7 years and looked after it like a baby. Knock on the door this morning. Some scrote has gone into it whilst it was parked. Neighbours got the registration and surprise surpirse my insurance...
  2. M

    W211 Estate Insurance Write Off

    Hi I recently had an unfortunate run in with a low bollard and as a result quite a few panels are damaged. Main damage is to drivers door, passenger door and sill panel. Car is an '05 E350 Sport with a lot of extras and only 55k miles. Insurance want to write off the car but I wont be able to...
  3. D

    I can't find the write up for DIY - M271 $12 hose replacement

    What happened to the write up can't get to.via here or web pagw Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk
  4. sappers

    Category 'c' write off and getting back on the road

    Hi, my other car is a 3 series coupe and on Monday somebody pulled out from a side road and caught the rear wheel arch and rear quarter panel causing a shallow dent and a scuff mark. Wednesday comes and the insurance investigator visits and decides that it's uneconomical to repair and they will...
  5. P

    SL55 AMG Detail write up by RemyRoc detailing

    Hi All, Following a recommendation from a fellow MBUK member I engaged James Bird of RemyRoc Detailing to carry out a full detail on my wonderful SL55 AMG. I considered the car to be in very good order before he started but could see the paint work could be brighter and generally better. Well...
  6. A

    CAT C write offs no more!

    Just be careful out there folks - VIC scrapped yesterday: https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-identity-check Previously cars registered CAT C, required a test before returning to the road - not anymore! So when Grandad wallops his low mileage C class estate :D the new owner will be none the...
  7. P

    w124 e300td insurance 'total loss' write off

    Hello all the short version is... I pranged my beloved diesel estate. It is a 1994 M reg with about 175,000m on the clock. Previously in good condition for its age, and it has had whatever it needed (recently suspension)at an independent mercedes garage. It has always been well...
  8. M

    AutoEvolution.com write up on the RA550

    Hi All, Heres a link to the Auto Evolution write up of our RA550 ... links in nicely to our December offer on headers ;) Rebellion Automotive's C 63 AMG is a Howler [Video][Photo Gallery] - Mercedes Silver Arrows Cheers !
  9. pjs

    2 years and 40000 miles of leased C250CDi costs write up

    2 years of leasing a C250 AMG Sport ED125 CDI [that’s what the V5 says] come to an end tomorrow when the nice men from BCA collect my car. I thought it might be helpful to write a concise review as possible by way of helping other forum members, especially with reference to costs. I used a...
  10. M

    Auto Evolution Write up on the RA350D

    Check it out Guys, Link Were in communication re the comment on the F10 M5 lol... Cheers Matt
  11. Timster

    Mines a write off, wanted: E Class Diesel Estate. Which to look at

    Hi. Well, after some daft woman driving into my car while it was parked I'm awaiting to hear the final verdict from Insurance, but looking like my car is a write off. Pretty annoying as I was fond of the old car. So I'm beginning to put the feelers out for a new motor - I'm looking...
  12. I

    Insurance Write Off CL63

    This is being declared as HPI clear by the seller yet showing as a total loss write off.
  13. marty359

    Looking like a write off.

    My wife and daughter were in the the old bus Friday travelling at 30mph through town when some dithering old git pulled out of a side road and ploughed straight into the side of her :mad: Both doors are damaged and its pushed the sill in so its looking like it will be written off, it still...
  14. englishdas

    cat d write off (v plate)

    Does anyone know how can you find out, if at all, what accident a v plate car was involved in prior to being straightened out, so to speak? Is there some sort of public record?
  15. W

    Insurance write off

    The following questions relate to a motorbike I had been interested in buying, but I assume they also relate to cars as well. I just read the HPI report which showed the vehicle was an insurance write off due to damage :eek:(don't know which category or when - i got the cheap report). The...
  16. mobeyone

    S.M.A.R.T read write error now no data on HD... please help!

    Casually browsing and a series of pop ups all telling me that the system is unable to read write and SMART is launched. No folders in my startup, logged off and back on and on a secondary account, programmes are there but no files. Launched backup, restores programmes but no files. I am now...
  17. Silver CL55

    Would my CLS be a write off?

    I got rear ended yesterday at a roundabout, no-one hurt. I'm wondering if it will be written off or repaired, no scans just descriptions; Repairs will be a main dealer bodyshop 2005 CLS 500 bought from mercedes main dealer. Silver, black leather, air suspension. rear bumper smashed in boot...
  18. F

    Repair or write off? 2x hit and run!

    yesterday was a bit eventful... i had two people hit my car, and drive off, in the space of 10 hours!! first one annoyed me a bit, second almost killed me and looks like ruined my car. the first one they hit the left rear passenger door, just badly anought that it probably need to come off...
  19. M

    Insurance Write Off

    Had a slight prank last week in my 52 plate W163 Damage is only slight.... Bumper Grille Bonnet - not so sure about this Headlight - also not sure It seems its around £4k worth of work Insurance informed me they intend to write it off as a Cat D G R E A T....supposed to be...
  20. F

    W202 C220D Does a broken pump mean its a write off?

    A few weeks ago, my 1997 W202 C220D didn't start. It was still warm from doing a 45 mile motorway trip, so I realised it was possibly a fuel pump problem. Having had a quick look at the fuel filter, it didn't look like any fuel was getting to it, so I resigned myself to having to taking it...
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