1. O

    WTD: red alloy effect vent trim

    from a AMG line (FL) A180 anyone please :fail
  2. D

    Wtd mercedes w203 steel wheels

    With out without tyres PM me if anyone has any Cheers
  3. N

    WTD: W202 C250 TD back box exhaust section.

    Please get in touch if you have a decent one or know of anyone breaking a 202 C250 TD. Thx.
  4. M

    Wtd - c63 amg

    Hi, I'm currently on the look out for a well sorted C63. Ideally looking for the following car; Facelift model (gearbox upgrade is the main driver for this), under 50K miles, mapped with secondary cat delete(s)/x pipe, PP not essential - but looking for LSD car/ Quaife diff. White with...
  5. S

    Wtd - ml55

    Hi all Ive got a V8 itch that only a ML55 will solve. I am seeking a face lift version 01 - 03 year, under 90K is possible. Anything else is doable. Cash waiting. Simon sbk@simonkeane.co.uk
  6. D

    WTD - W203 Comand NTG 2 or 2.5 for facelift model

    Hello, I am after a W203 Comand NTG 2 or 2.5 unit if you have one available. Regards,
  7. T

    WTD: UMI Cable Set

    For a 2009 W207 with COMAND. Three cables in the set but if you only have the iPod one that's the one I'm really after. Thought I would check on here before eBay
  8. poormansporsche

    WTD Mint Prefacelift C280 M104 Wagon,Azzurite,C36 Kit,Monoblocks,AMG Exhaust & Spats!

    Must be rust free and low mileage ! If you have one let me know - top money paid . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pretty specific I know but the car does actually exsist as ive seen it ! Its driven by a couple of old biddies you never know they may be members on here or someone...
  9. poormansporsche

    WTD - C43 Rear Bumper and / or Skirts !!!

    like it says, or complete kit cheers Brett
  10. poormansporsche

    WTD: C43 Kit

    if anyone knows of one, let me know. Pay more in Silver !!! cheers Brett
  11. poormansporsche

    WTD W202 F/L Rear Bumper / Skirt in 744 Silver

    like it says, facelift rear bumper apron skirt thingie in 744 Silver or a complete rear bumper in 744 anything let me know Cheers Brett
  12. poormansporsche

    WTD: Mint W208 Azzurite Drivers Door ???

    like it says, let me know cheers Brett
  13. poormansporsche

    WTD 10 or 15mm Hubcentric Spacers M12 x 4

    like it says, if anyones got anything knocking about ! Cheers Brett
  14. M

    WTD: C63 - Anyone thinking of selling soon?

    Hi all, I am after a C63 Coupe in white, silver or grey. Must haves; PPP HK Under 25k miles Anybody thinking of selling soon? I'd rather buy a 'known' car, am in no real rush but the sooner the better :) Cheers
  15. poormansporsche

    WTD - Early M111 230K Rocker Cover ...

    Like it says, anyone got one knocking about PM me cheers Brett
  16. T

    C32 Front Bumper WTD

    Hi all, Managed to put a crack through my front bumper in my works car park on a hidden foundation spike thing. Absolutely gutted, only had the car for a week :fail I've spoke to a few paintshops and it can be repaired but it probably won't last because its on the corner and will always be...
  17. poormansporsche

    WTD Prefacelift W202 Carbon Radio Surround Trim

    like it says, pm me cheers brett
  18. poormansporsche

    WTD Set of W202 Elegance Springs !!!!!! :)

    like it says, front and rear, for a 4 cylinder regards Brett
  19. D

    WTD phone

    WTD mobile phone hi looking for a cheap iphone or a android phone for my dad just for simple use unlocked or on t-mobile let me know what you have and how much
  20. S

    WTD: Brabus D6 III or Carlsson CD32 for 320CDI

    Hi All: looking for a Brabus or Carlsson chip for my GL 320CDI. cheers s
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