1. flowrider

    For Sale: Xbox 360 Elite Console

    Selling my sons Xbox 360 Elite Console with 120GB HDD. Comes with two controllers and charging stand with rechargeable charging packs. In original box, includes HDMI and all other supporting cables. I think I have everything in there that came with the Xbox new. No microphone included...
  2. donshl

    For Sale: Xbox One 500 GB 2 x controllers and 3 Games

    Hi Have a Black X box One for sale with 2 controllers and 3 games. Games are : Alien Isolation Destiny: The Taken King Shadow of Mordor It's in very good condition, unfortunately do not have the box so collections preferred. Price: 150 (plus postage) Thanks, Don
  3. Simon_M

    XBox One S 500gb with FIFA 2017

    XBox One S 500gb with FIFA 2017 game Brand new, still sealed with 2 year John Lewis warranty. £200
  4. M

    Any Gamers on Here

    Just wondered if there were any other gamers on this forum. Despite being a bit beyond the target market (soon to be 50, so I still call them 'Computer Games), I spend a fair amount of time on my XBox, more so since I've been ill because I find it takes my mind off things. I enjoy racing...
  5. ash59fifty-uk

    Any gamers on here? WiiU/Xbox one/PS4

    Having seen the latest (drab and disappointing) trailer for the new Call of Duty title, I saw today the trailer for the new Battlefield Seems as though Battlefields developers listened to the majority of the Call of Duty fans, and now have their latest title based on World War 1. It looks...
  6. Spinal

    Copy & Paste on Xbox One

    Does anyone know how to copy & paste the Wifi password to an Xbox one? My password is a little long/complex (56 characters, randomly generated every month) so don't really want to type it in manually.... M.
  7. Spinal

    Kinect for Xbox One - £65

    Selling a Kinect for Xbox One. This is brand new - ended up with two of them (and only one xbox one). I just put it on eBay for £70, so putting it here for £65 including delivery. Want it sold asap, as I'm going skiing next week so need to post it before then.
  8. KoFidee

    xbox one

    Xbox one seems to take a age to update compared to 360 My son complains of how long it takes yes our broadband is jurassic! no fibre near us yet
  9. markjay

    Which Xbox?

    As above... :) Needs to sort out Christmas gifts for the kids. Thank you in advance :)
  10. Spinal

    xBox Advice...

    Right, I need some advice... I own a Wii and a PS3. I melted my original xBox 360 a while ago (red-ring of death first, which got repaired. Then, the side plastic melted over what I presume is the GPU, and the whole thing died). I've been meaning to buy a new xbox for a while now... then...
  11. Gareth

    Official Xbox 360 Steering Wheel & WheelStandPro

    Official Xbox 360 Steering Wheel & WheelStandPro Details for the stand can be seen here: The steering wheels seem to be commanding a premium on eBay as they aren't sold anymore. So I'm...
  12. A

    Xbox 360 Forza 3 to Forza 4

    Hello So I finally after getting an xbox around 6 months ago, plugged it in... It came with Forza 3 and Dirt 3 back then. I looked at swapping Forza 3 for 4 but get around £5 for Forza 3 so decided as I've played neither I would not notice the difference? Anyway, i've now been playing it...
  13. M

    Xbox 360 arcade (WHITE ONE) & OR PS3 FAT

    £50 complete xbox 360 arcade with leads... OR £100 for a PS3 FAT console... controllers & games available at cost... CHEERS MERRY XMAS
  14. G

    NEW XBOX 360 4GB in Merseyside £100

    I have an Xbox 360 4Gb for sale for £100 (Hard drive can be upgraded easily to a larger one) It is brand new in the box and hasnt been opened. I got it with my mobile contract upgrade and have paperwork to show this. I also have it on ebay for £120 as they are usually £150 in the shops, Game...
  15. A

    Steering wheel mount for Car driving games Xbox etc

    Hello I'm gradually getting a Christmas present to myself sorted... I Have the Xbox 360, couple of games (Forza and Dirt 3) then the official Xbox steering wheel the older one thats quite wide with force feedback. I'm pretty much only ever going to use the machine for driving games...
  16. A

    Xbox 360 Forza 3 / 4 and making a gaming seat.

    Hello I was lucky enough to win and xbox a couple of months ago through work and have kept this unopened as a present to myself come christmas. It came with Dirt 3 and forza 3 I've since wanted to get hold of a steering wheel as I will only use it for driving games and have managed through...
  17. M

    Samsung 40" LCD HD TV 1080p RED ROSE GLOSS FINISH 6 series xbox 360 ps3

    Hi I am selling up my samsung LCD 40 6 series elegant television It is not a budget samsung television, its a high end model with 100hz mega contrast ratio & 6ms response time, & 4x hdmi ports + USB... £300 cash on collection can add ps3 for £100 more OR xbox360 for £60 more Interested call...
  18. A

    Xbox 360 driving games / steering wheel advice

    Hello Soon an xbox 36o will be in my hands in a prize win :) I will probably only use it for driving games and although the ps3 with Gt5 would be my choice... Free is free so cannot knock it :) Ideally I would like a racing game with the 'ring' as a track? Does forza 3? Also what...
  19. mercmanuk

    xbox 360

    xbox 360 needed for homeless family unit,just the unit and controller will do.someone must have one of these not being used cash waiting. cheers all
  20. BenzedUP

    Xbox 360 Elliot

    Hi, I have an XBOX360 Elliot wireless controller in black, 2 weeks old, perfect condition. £25 INC Shipping PM if interested, thanks.
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