1. M

    02 XDA IIi / 2i PDA phone, + tom tom GPS (Bluetooth)

    All Original discs Boxes & software for both the XDA, & the TOMTOM maps etc... This phone was an un-wanted upgrade, So is AS new & complete with EVERYTHING... £99.ono Collected May post....
  2. M

    FS : Qtek 2020i - Same as o2 Xda IIi/Imate Pda2/Orange SPV M1500

    I have for sale my Qtek 2020i which is the same as the o2 Xda IIi, Imate Pda2, and also the Orange SPV M1500. This has built in Wifi capability which is always useful and a 1.3 Megapixel camera - the video function is great for taking widescreen videos. The phone is in absolutely mint...
  3. scotth_uk

    So today I bought an O2 XDA Mini S

    Was getting tired of my Sony Ericsson 3G phone, and couldn't be bothered to wait for the upgrade..... Wandered into the O2 shop in Islington yesterday to ask about the XDA mini S, and the guy cut me an awesome deal: £69.99 down, £10 per month for 12 months. (These devices normally go for...
  4. BaldGuy

    Mint as New XDA II 4 Sale

    I have an 02 unlocked Boxed XDA II, Its been used for about a week and thats all... It is in mint condition with the following..... XDA II in silver with not a mark on it.... Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer battery Un-used head-set Charger Charge / Active Sync Cradle Un-used leather wallet...
  5. J

    Integrating XDA or similar gadgets with Mercedes COMAND APS

    Hi, I want to replace my old Palm Vx and my Nokia 6310i with one of the new waves of XDA II or alike. The problem is that the Nokia 6310i integrates well with the Navi COMAND APS of my E270 CDI. I wonder if Mercedes (or someone else) has developed the cradle and make the COMAND software...
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