1. Conquistador

    quattro vs xDrive vs 4MATIC video

  2. E

    BMW 335D xDRIVE

    Brother just bought one, i am stunned how fast & economical it is:eek:
  3. The _Don

    Driven: Bmw m550d xdrive

    Driven: BMW M550d xDrive
  4. gIzzE

    BMW bringing their X-Drive to 3 and 5 series this year, will we see 4matic now?

    This is the BMW press release dicussing the MY2012 line up and and engine changes, and if you notice they are bringing their xi and xd models to the 3 and 5 series starting this year. Do you think that this will force Mercedes to bring 4matic options to the UK?? A 350cdi 4matic estate would...
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