1. guydewdney

    Farm yard sale

    massive decrapification sale at gotopia... lister CS startomatic, rebuilt top end. new gasket set. on SOM base. No genny. Can forklift / palletise. best offer before the end of the month secures. Bosch hand held heavy belt sander from the 80's? Heavy, very very well made. perfect workign...
  2. marc.l

    Big yard, work shop clearence

    My patents are moving and between us have accumulated way to much stuff , so for sale ..... 1) large wood work machine , under and over planer , thickneser, saw etc . Very heavy and not used for a couple of years . ££ it weighs in at 1.75 ton , so scrap value !!! 2) morticer , never been used...
  3. grober

    Off to the breakers yard.

    Sad when an old vehicle with a few million miles on the clock goes to the breaker's yard. :( Decommissioning the Space Shuttles - In Focus - The Atlantic PS Some stunning pics by the way.
  4. 219

    Breakers' yard round-up

    Since buying used parts is another viable option for many items , I thought it might be useful to post up Mercedes cars breaking in some of the yards near me . Here are just three to start with , please chip in if you know of others in your area - somebody might be looking for that elusive...
  5. trapperjohn

    Quality Service from a Scrap Yard.

    So I needed some bits for one of my 124s and thought I would give Hill's a try down in Skem. Hey what a pleasant change. Yes we have them in. He is a reference number pop down when you like. So I popped down. Plenty of easy tarmac parking. Nice bright reception (fully of alloys with tyres...
  6. jonnyboy

    look what landed at my yard today

    Well Santa came early to my yard today, look what his sleigh was towing (weighed down he was):- I've no doubt the questions will follow from me apace. Santa had a problem manoeuvring the w108 as it had no steering box therefore it's front wheels were independent of...
  7. K

    Direct Line Insurance and Back yard Mechanics - Beware

    Hi All, Just over a month a ago, I had a problem with my boot lock which needed a part replacing. I bought the replacement part and gave the car to a local mechanic who worked from home, Sati in Southall, West London. He had previously worked for P and S Motors in Park Royal, having closed down...
  8. Z

    See a car to a scrap yard?

    Hi guys, Can anyone point me in the direction of a scrap yard which buys cars for cash? The car is a 206 which I am told runs fine but the body work is in dire condition. I have tried looking on the internet and I am trying to avoid going to places like Carcraft as word is they do...
  9. B

    so tempted to save this from the yard

    looks pretty good from the pics (dont they always?) a little rusty underneath but perhaps not too bad , sounds like fuel pump relay has gone, Im slightly doubtful about the engine having been stood for 14 years though, could make a nice wedding car alas my missus would probably kill me so I had...
  10. W

    Salvage yard closing down, lots of parts very cheap!

    Salvage yard in the North of England is closing down, they're selling all parts for a maximum of £25 (exc engines and gearboxes). Worth a trip if you need something and you're up that way i guess...
  11. scotth_uk

    Amazing name for a used car yard.....

    This is in Brisbane, Australia. And yes I have called to confirm how they answer the phone..... :devil:
  12. pluggers

    Scrap yard with mercs

    Hi all As some of you know I went on saturday for some stuff and come across these little gems.1 prefacelift C-Class 4 facelift C-Class at least two with high centre consoles one with full grey leather plus other bits like carbon trim.A 300CE or there abouts not sure on the CC,with full...
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