1. Lennox

    XC90...... yeah or nae???

    Right before I order one of these for the wife thoughts below please!!!! XC90 R Design and all I'm adding as it's loaded is the winter pack... Then I get the 535d back and change that next year.... potentially!?!
  2. developer

    Stagnant Property Market - Yeah Right

    So I turned up at a single property auction today - you know the type, one at the premises. Matching Range Rover Sports X5 Cayenne and E Coupe Maserati All for this
  3. Davich

    Yeah, C63 AMG on order

    Anything I need to worry about?
  4. G

    Waxing mess.. yup im stupid but yeah i need your help

    So i read up, and asked around, so if you put a thin layer of wax on your custom headunits or so, it prevents scratches and stuff, it really does work, but me being stupid and lazy, i didn't cover up the buttons or tiny crevices.. so now i have tiny bits of dried up meguiars wax INSIDE the...
  5. R129mine

    yeah, another mot passed

    hi had my car (96 r129) serviced (a) and MOT today it failed on a tyre and windscreen wiper and indicator light having incorrect colours but all been rectified (used spare tyre for now as that still has 3mm on it) the service, mot, oil change and a £70 valet which probably only cost about £20...
  6. columb

    Yeah, that's us... and my Dear Wife! More pictures soon :) PRO as well -those ones are from friends... And yes, I'm VERRRY happy! Cheers Chris
  7. R

    Wheeler Dealer Yeah Right???

    Come on who would pay nearly £8k for a LHD 280sl hmm a lot cheaper ones out there and as for a profit if you include man hours time to collect registering hassles? what profit lol but fair play car looked a lot better after they finished it! Carl
  8. SportsCoupeRich

    British GP YEAH!!!

    despite last race's crap i'm off to Silverstone with 2 gold tickets for the copse corner. WATCH THE START.....YES!!! :bannana:
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