1. M

    Im Back after 2 years

    So after 2 years I'm back. I've just brought a c63 507 coupe and I can't be happier. I've had quite a journey in the last 2 years treating myself to some of the best cars in my eyes. a brief history after I sold my old c63 2012 saloon. sold the c63 for a Bentley Continental 2010 Nissan GTR...
  2. PhilLinda

    3 years free Comand update

    Just bought a 2 year old C class coupe and the previous owner hasn't had the Comand maps updated. Can I just book it into my local MB dealer for an update or will they only do it at service time? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. T

    It was 100 years ago

    Guys I was reading bits of the Torygraph when this article popped up! My grandfather the war hero, killed on the first day of the Battle of Passchendaele* Strange because only a few days ago I was thinking about him having fought and survived that battle serving in the Lancashire...
  4. C

    Back to Mercedes after almost 9 years away

    Hi all. Back to Mercedes after almost 9 years away with a gorgeous CLS 320, black on black. It's 2008 model and a beauty to drive. Well I've had it a week and so far the list of things gone wrong are. 1. Broken front road spring 2. Shredded front passenger window regulator...
  5. BIRMA

    Anyone else going to MB World for 50 years of AMG?

    Just wondered if anyone was planning on going to this event, I've invited a few friends to come along and have a look. I know its sold out but we plan to cruise along and check it out.
  6. 219

    45 years with no licence !

    Is this a record ? Sadly , I suspect it probably isn't . Mercedes driver too - maybe the car will now be for sale ... Dumbarton woman drove without licence for 45 years - BBC News
  7. F

    Ferrari - Celebrating 70 Years
  8. clk320x

    100k miles or 5 years

    My spark plugs & fuel filter were changed at 56,000 miles in 2009 by a previous owner. Current mileage is 104,000 I have just checked the maintenance records and the plugs are now due a change due to the 5 year/100,000 mile schedule. However as it has already been 8 years, can I wait till i do...
  9. Peter DLM

    After 20+ years, I've ruined my run....

    I've kerbed a wheel :fail It was whilst parking, I could see the granite kerb in my near side mirror, I needed a bit more room on my right so I decided to shuffle over a few inches. Big mistake:doh: front wheel was right by a kerbstone that stuck out higher and further than the ones I could...
  10. gr1nch

    Standard of Living - better 100+ years ago?

    Yes, I hear some of you thinking, but there was poverty then, slums, crap jobs,...but * for about 300 years from the late middle ages there was virtually no inflation. Prices for everyday items were very stable in comparison to the last 50 years. * Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses were...
  11. brucemillar

    Missing for 40 years?

    I read this on the BBC news and remember the case in 1976. 40 years on I wonder if somebody is sitting there waiting for that knock on the door? What a tragic event for the family. The missing: 40 years of seeking Renee and Andrew MacRae - BBC News
  12. SmartMAC

    Moving abroad for a couple of years. Storing the car

    We are thinking to move to Dubai for a couple of years for a change. We don't intend to rent the house or sell the Merc until we know what we are doing long term but as I don't have a garage I don't know what to do with the car. I really don't want to sell it but I can't just leave it outside...
  13. I

    LHD W124 including DIY seat covers + years supply of BBQ meatículos/mercedes-benz/e/mercedes-benz-e-300-300-turbo-w124---93/806720
  14. B

    CL63 - three years old ..... no five years old

    In my pursuit of something AMG I for some reason go back to CL63s Saw a 2014 car with nice spec and quite high money ........... Then got the MB sheet and it turns out it sat in the UK for two years unsold So a three year old car is in fact five years old Registration date was irrelevant...
  15. 219

    15 Years ago , on this date
  16. brucemillar

    Pilots war images developed 100 years on.

    Pilot's war images developed 100 years on Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  17. Telebass

    Three and a half years on...

    I've had my S211 since Feb 2013. In that time, it's carried me and a whole lot else 65000 miles. Problems:it's had a new water pump (seized solid), and both batteries have been replaced in the last month. It has one oscillating door lock, and I need to remove and rewire both mirrors, although...
  18. KNU7S

    Mercedes 500sl 1992 blue been stood for 5 years

    I have this 1992 Mercedes 500sl I bought it with the intention of keeping it but I just don't have the time! It has been stood for 5 years but with a charged battery started easily, fitted new caps and arms, no mot and the brakes will need work as it has been sat. Does need the bonnet and...
  19. S

    E300 Hybrid over 3 years old

    Hi, Is anyone running an E300 Hybrid outside the MB warranty period? If so what are the running costs like and have there been any large bills. With 3 x batterys plus the extra running gear I am keen to know what experiences are like with older models. My own car is 2.5 years old and I...
  20. MSG2004

    Links required to what needs to be serviced years 1, 2, 3 ,4 & 5

    Hi Late last week picked up our brand new gle. We did not buy from local dealer as they were more than 1k dearer. Service plans - my car is 36 quid a month Just ranfg the local dealer who initially said autobox fluid was 4th year, then I asked him to double check and it's actually...
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