1. ash59fifty-uk

    Show us yer' wheel nut/bolt covers

    Going to throw two questions in here to save threads, they kind of tie in with one another Recently noticed I had no bolt covers on my alloys, can't say if I had when I bought the car but now it's bugging me, as my bolts are looking horrid with rust. If anyone has changed them, or replaced...
  2. sspeed

    Should you rleive yer bush ???

    Hi.. When fitting suspension bushes, would I be correct in thinking that they should NOT be tightened up until the car is back on its wheels and the suspension is loaded onto its normal position.. To my mind if you tighten them up with the wheels dangling then you pre twist the rubber to an...
  3. del320

    Show us yer orange peel!

    Thought of putting this in the gardening section - but there isn't one. Thought of putting it in the Detailing section - but it's not. Simply gave the car its first good clean of the year and thought it looked rather good. It's almost three years since the refurb and I've now got an enviable...
  4. Satch

    violent crime victim? Speeding Ticket? On yer bike

    This beggars belief: victims of violent crime to have their compensation slashed if they have minor offences, including a speeding ticket, in the past 5 years. Up to now, payments could be reduced where 'the applicant's character as shown by his criminal convictions makes it inappropriate...
  5. ringway

    Sling Yer Muck!

    What a Top Guy. The sign on the gate.... news Giant 'chicken droppings catapult' set up by businessman to protect premises from arsonists Last updated at 13:24 05 March 2008 Comments (5) Add to My Stories Every night Joe Weston-Webb loads chicken droppings into a 30ft...
  6. Buggerlugs

    WTD: Yer old knackerd auto gearboxes

    Adverts are not allowed for Business ventures???
  7. pint6x

    Forget yer PS2s, yer XBOX - here's a good console

    It doesn't say what you do when you run out, but it looks like fun have a look here
  8. S

    OT : yer dvd collection

    come on following the home cinema thread lets see who watches what here is mine
  9. Sp!ke

    Hows yer German?

    Babelfish got me this far New original A M G - sport exhaust system for Mercedes benz W124(200E/230E)................... NEW COMMODITY from old stock, ever does not install................... for Mercedes benz W124 (200E/230E) only 4 cylinder engine (M102) with catalyst starting from Bj...
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