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  1. E270 Owner

    Injector coding on CDI W211 Yes/No

    Hi Ok during a nice beer fueled evening a subject come up about plug n play injectors on vehicles before the introduction of the piezo type. We discussed the Fiat group diesel injector coding agreed and squared that away and loosely agreed on VAG as well, but stumbled on agreeing about Mercs...
  2. Alex

    Cosmetic Mods - Yes/No?

    I'm toying with the idea of adding these Lorinser bonnet and roof wind deflectors and roof wing to my car but am unsure about the looks. Do you think they look good or shall I keep her original as AMG intended? My car first: Lorinser Bonnet and Roof Wind Deflectors on Benzworld member's...
  3. C43AMG

    Matt Black Grill ? Yes/No

    What do you think for the C43. $199.99 plus $37.00 shipping.
  4. pammy

    "Gap" insurance - yes/no?

    I have been given the option to take out Gap insurance on the SLK when I pick it up tomorrow. Cost £675 for 3 years. Question is - am I wasting my money? Has anyone actually got anything out of this or is it just another opportunity for "them" to make money out of lil ol' me?
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