1. ringway

    Drag Queen Cage Fighters Sort Out Yobs.

    Drunk thugs attack 'drag queens' only to find out they're cage fighters As drunken stunts go, this is not the cleverest... Two boozed-up yobs who picked on a pair of drag queens got a shock when the men turned out to be cagefighters out on a fancy dress stag night. Retribution was swift...
  2. Spinal

    Uncle Ken Dislikes Motorbike Yobs...

    Also known as the "conceal the safety benefits and hope those that don't vote for you go an kill themselves" thread.... http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23434130-details/Mayoral+aide+%27wanted+good+news+on+road+safety+buried%27/article.do Stolen from the Ducati forum I'm a...
  3. B

    "Bored" yobs

    Afternoon all, Just heard from my Dad that someone has pulled a side panel off his Brabus CL (and nicked it) - just to get the flippin tiny Brabus badge...why why why :confused: Police comment was that 'it was probably bored youngsters looking for something to do'. The implication...
  4. Bugblatter

    Teacher jailed for threatening yobs with air pistol

    Times article OK what she did was wrong, but I bet the chavs will be sniggering for months over this.
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