1. Gumball

    275/30/19 yokohama tyres

    7+ mm on them no repairs. £85 each or 2 for £150
  2. E

    Yokohama AD08Rs on C63

    With the wheel change i mentioned yesterday I've now got Yokohama AD08Rs on the car. Only in 235/35/19 at the moment due to them being what the A45 was running when the wheels were on that. Long story short, the grip is phenomenal. Did a run from 20 up today and ran a 2.311s 30-60 vs a best of...
  3. -Ian

    FS Yokohama Advan Sport 255/30/19

    I am selling a Yokohama Advan Sport 255/30/19 part worn with 6.5mm of tread. Never been punctured, never been repaired. Only selling because I have changed to 275's on the rear. Collection only from Oxford area. £70.
  4. V

    Yokohama tyres - help needed!

    My wife kerbed the front driver side alloy this morning of my E350 coupe and driving the car this evening with the windows down, I noticed a flapping noise so I get out to find that half the sidewall is hanging off! :eek: The tyres that the car is fitted with at the front are Yokohama Advan...
  5. chester

    cracks in yokohama tyres

    Just had a B service and was told tyres are fine lots of tread left so nothing to replace. A week later the wheels are taken off to clean and i notice every tyre has cracks running right around them in the tread,The backs you can see the thread of the inner tyre.I have written to yokohama about...
  6. fozi.g

    Genuine 19" AMG IV 2pc alloys + Yokohama Advans

    Hi guys, I'm planning on changing my alloys so I have my current setup for sale. They are a set of very desirable and pretty rare genuine AMG IV 2pc alloys finished with Gunmetal grey centres and polished lip. There wrapped in Yoko Advans's which have excellent tread (approximately 5mm all...
  7. B

    13" 185/60 Yokohama A008 track day tyres

    I have two sets of Yokohama A008s for sale. Tyres are soft - A-008Rs, tyre size is 185/60 x 13. These tyres are used and would be fine for a dry track day or suitable for drifting & general off-road abuse First set is pretty decent with no damage - £50 / set. Second set have a couple of cuts...
  8. B

    13" Yokohama A008Rs tyres for sale

    Anyone out there with a rice rocket or an older classic running 13s? I have two sets of cheap, used Yokohama A008Rs tyres for sale. Suitable for a dry track day, drifting or general off-road hooning Located in Brighton. Please email for details Nick Froome
  9. Y

    Yokohama Vs Pirelli

    The tyres on my other two previously owned Mercedes were Pirelli P zero Both was High performance cars ( SLK 55 AMG and CLK 320 CDi ) however o. The C63 AMG I have Yokohama tyres, is there a significant difference in terms of grip wear and performance as I cannot distinguish anything apart from...
  10. R

    Yokohama AD08's on C63 AMG...

    Hi Guys. Just thought I would share my experience of the Yokohama AD08 tyres on my C63 incase anyone is looking for new tyres. I've recently got my C63 AMG, my previous car was an Audi RS4 B7 (the 4.2 V8) Saloon. I've run these tyres on the RS4 and was very pleased with them, but I had no idea...
  11. P

    C63 Yokohama's for sale

    Hey All, I have a full set of nearly new (~500 miles use) Yokohama's off my C63 for sale. Reason being I am switching to Pirelli Corsa for the summers :) Paul
  12. M

    2x 285/40/15 Yokohama AVS Tyres - Cambs/Ldn

    As above - they're original equipment on Lamborghinis and are extremely sticky. A recent wheel change means that these have got to go. And having covered only 50 miles (if that), you won't find them cheaper. They're £450 each (more from Lambo) but both are yours for £160. They should go on all...
  13. classicsl

    Lorninser deep dish alloys and yokohama tyres

    for sale Set of 4 Lorinser RS90 wheels complete with yokohame A520 tyres - part worn. wheel size 205/55/16 ET 11 Excellent condition, diamond cut finish (will email photos if you PM me) £500
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