1. Steveml63

    Possible terrorist attack in Times Square, New York?

    Is this another lone wolf attack? Car injures pedestrians in Times Square - BBC News
  2. classicsl

    Blaupunkt New York SCD08 Classic Car Stereo

    Blaupunkt SCD08 car stereo for sale. Will go well with a classic late 80's Mercedes. Unusual in that it has CD cartridges, guessing early car CD players needed this to stop them jumping? Came with a 1988 Mercedes 300SL (R107) that I purchased and since sold a number of years ago. Pics show it...
  3. Piff

    Things to do around York

    Thinking of taking a short holiday in May in or near York. Probably renting a cottage or similar. Haven't stayed in the area for about 40 years so looking for pointers - things to see, things to do, roads to drive, places to eat, etc
  4. Timster

    Help Needed please near York

    Help required near York please! My wife has just driven to near York in her new (to us) S203. She reports that about 30 mins before arriving the car went into a kind of limp mode. Initially losing power between 50 and 60mph then between 40 and 60mph finally between 30 and 60 mph. She says...
  5. I

    New York, New York

    Somehow we started looking for a break in Iceland and ended up with 5 nights in New York instead. Neither of us have been to the States before so there's lots of online research going on in preparation. Apart from the usual touristy type things are there any other "must do's" while we're...
  6. I

    Flying to New York

    Currently looking into booking 2 return flights from London to New York. Most airlines seem to be between £880 & £920ish for our chosen dates & times. BA is coming in at just over £1000. Are there any significant pro's or con's which should lead us to choose one over another? It looked like...
  7. J

    Richard Hollings York

    Had My C320 CDI in today for gearbox oil service 7G Box. What a great bloke and a very nice and Tidy Workshop would recommend to anyone:thumb:
  8. philiggy

    Anyone in York ?

    York seems to be one of the few Cities with no Good Merc Indie, who are locals using? Phil
  9. Charles Morgan

    Allard Owners Club Concours, North York Moors 13/14 July

    Anyone in Yorkshire who wants a lovely old car and steam train day out, there is a classic car weekend on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway this weekend. Get on a train and stop at the stations to have a look at a super collection of Allards. I won't be there as I can't drive at present but...
  10. J

    Roger from York

    hello does anyone know roger from york who is in to mercedes generally the older models? he comes in to where i work at a motor factors but i havnt got his number? Many thanks
  11. J

    E211 17" Wheel Refurb York area

    Is there anyone in the york are good at refurbing wheels at a good price. ive used ian jemison before. Thanks:thumb:
  12. LTD

    Off to York this weekend ...

    I'm heading down after work on Friday with SWMBO and her parents for a weekend. Going to head out for dinner on Friday after we book into the hotel and planning to spend Saturday exploring. Sunday will be a leisurely breakfast and a trip to the local MacArthur Glen to stock up on holiday shorts...
  13. S

    Touring: York

    Good afternoon fellow forum members, As alluded to in other threads I've been away this weekend. One of my oldest friends lives in York so I undertook the pilgrimage to the county town of gods own county. I also thought to take the oppertunity to post a thread thats nothing to do with Mercedes...
  14. D

    New York

    Off to New York in March for a couple of days before going on to Orlando. Never been before, and the other-half is building up a list of things to see that sound suspiciously like a tour around shops... My worst nightmare. I'm not particularly into galleries/museums but do like to wander...
  15. M

    York indie - RH Auto Services

    Hi, Will be moving to the York area in the not too distant future and looking for an MB indie in York. Has any one in the York area used the indie MB specialist RH Auto Services, Nether Poppleton? Any comments will be appreciated.
  16. S

    Touring: The Peak District, Lincoln and York

    Well folks, I've gone and done it again. It was a friends and forum members Birthday on Friday and they had their bash in Damons in Lincoln on Friday night, so I thought I'd make a long weekend of it all. The Ladybower Inn was such a success from the MBC Yorkshire meet, that I felt almost duty...
  17. S

    Touring: The Yorkshire YOMP and York

    First of all on the way down I went to see Ian B Walker and trapperjohn. Ian, thanks for the coffee, and letting us see you in work with the car you had in. After this, I went to see NW Merc, it was good to meet you mate, and the beef pastries were fab. :D:D The sheds new suspension set up was...
  18. Gollom

    New York, New York!

    Suzy Cute and I off stateside end of September and intend to start off in New York for 3-5 days before flying to Boston and picking up a car to get to Washington DC via Atlantic City. Hotel prices eye-watering but I am only looking at Times Square as my knowledge of NY is not great (I have...
  19. Fuji

    2012 New York Auto Show

    What have wE here? Spotted at the NY Auto Show..
  20. S

    First Grand Tour of 2012: Lake District and York.

    Well folks, its been a long time coming, the first decent tour for 2012. I am off work until April and the weather was fab so I decided as I was visiting an old friend in York on the Friday I should tour the lake district the day before and have a short hop over to York the Friday. I think this...
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