1. trillion

    I'm looking for a £3k 320CDI estate,auto,East Yorks area!

    C or an E I'm getting on a bit and decided a long time ago not to travel to view vehicles so I'm only looking to buy from the East Yorkshire area. I'm quit happy to pay the Autotrader book price but no more. Why would you?:D:D Take it easy I'm new and a bit feeble!;)
  2. I

    Any good independant servicing in West Yorks please?

    I've a newly acquired 2000 S500, overall in good condition, but I need to replace the Air Mass meter, change the antifreeze and determine a wiring fault in the N/s indicator circuit. We're based 'twixt Leeds and Wakefield - - Can anyone recommend a reasonable/good/exceptional Mercedes indy in...
  3. Z

    New member from West Yorks

    Hi all! I'm Adam and I'm classic car enthusiast and a body-shop owner. I used to own a few Mercs in the past and at the moment I'm restoring w123 200 from 1983. I have to confess I love BMWs, driving e28 528, having other two including e34 525 Sport but I share the love with cars under the...
  4. S

    Specialist near to Thirsk - North Yorks

    Hey up. Looking for a specialist to do a pre purchase inspection on a 1978 350SL. Have found one in York - Philip Welch and one in Pickering - SM Autos. Wondered if anyone had any other recommendations? Philip seemed to know his stuff and could get the car in next tuesday, SM were busy...
  5. kianok

    Dent repair - West Yorks

    Can anyone recommend a good dent repairer in the Leeds / West Yorkshire area?
  6. smoothcoupe

    good knowlegeable amg indys in yorks..

    Hi all does any one know any good independant amg specialists in the west yorkshire area?
  7. S

    Hi from West yorks!

    Just bought my first Merc (C270 Avantgarde) last week, and within two days it's gone back to have work done on a faulty gearbox! - Not a good start to my dream of owning an MB! Hopefully I won't be put off by this!!
  8. R

    Cheap and Reliable Bodyshop West Yorks?

    Like a lot of people this weekend I had a bump in the snow. Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced body shop in the Bradford or surrounding areas? Thanks in advance
  9. T

    Wheel dip/blast in West Yorks?

    Hi, Looking to get a set of 8 holes stripped or blasted for painting. Anyone know of a low cost operator in the Halifax/Huddersfield area? Thanks Toby
  10. C

    Independent MB Specialists in Hull/East Yorks ?

    Just read another post about servicing, and it reminded me, I have one coming up on my E320 CDi Sport Estate soon. (70k on clock) I know what my local MB Dealer's bill will no doubt be like, so I'm thinking a good Indy is the way to go .....if anyone knows one in or near Hull ?? cheers.
  11. S

    Independent N Derbyshire/S Yorks

    Need to fit a new door to my cls after a bit of a minor mishap. I have the door. Is anyone able to recommend a good specialist in my area? Google and yellow pages have drawn a blank. thanks.
  12. flango

    Visit to South Yorks Police Road Crime Unit - 18th Nov

    Well I have been trying to arrange this for a while but I am pleased to say that today South Yorkshire Traffic Police have kindly agreed to us visiting them at their Road Crime Operations HQ which is located in between Rotherham and Sheffield. This will be an evening visit and will consist of...
  13. retrodave111

    Elite Independent, Elland, nr Halifax west yorks

    These are 2 great guys, who now work for themselves, they are Mercedes Benz trained [Chales Sidneys Bradford] and have 33 years expererience between them, and one is a wizard with electronics, if you are nearby give them a call on 01422 310202, ask for Mick, or Malc, they also have a coutesey...
  14. G

    Star diagnostics in S Yorks??

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum, I've been lurking around for the last couple of months absorbing all the information.. Anyway, I took the plunge and recently upgraded my c class from audio 20 to comand aps. I was surprised how easy it was and it worked first time, just took a short drive for the...
  15. C240Sport97

    Help: checking out 124 Estate in Yorks

    I am looking for a 124 Estate as my 'activity' car -- to carry canoes and surf boards -- which the CLK is not designed for (at least I am not willing to use it for those purposes). I've seen one advertised, it sounds good. It's a 230TE auto in Yorks. Anyone know whether the 230 engine is...
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