1. D

    Happy Yorkshire Day!

    Happy Yorkshire Day everyone! For those who haven't heard of it, just imagine Christmas Day but with zero generosity...
  2. W

    West Yorkshire Meet ( C63's )

    Hi, Anyone in the Wakefield, Barnsley, Pontefract area willing to meet up and show off their C63 Amg Soon due to sell my E92 M3 but would be nice to hear a C63 with a exhaust modification or aftermarket system to fully sway my move to Mercedes! Happily throw in some fuel money for a...
  3. M

    AMG Meet in Yorkshire 10/12

    Hi Everyone, A bit of a late notification, but an AMG owners meet is being organized this weekend in East Yorkshire, It organized by fellow AMG owners. If any AMG owners would like to participate please add your details to the post on the AMG Private lounge or PM me. This Saturday Morning...
  4. L

    Yorkshire based specialist

    Can anyone recommend a specialist that will be able to properly diagnose and sort a suspension related query on a SL63AMG? Believe its bushes rather than the ABC system Thanks
  5. L

    SL63 AMG Leeds Yorkshire

    Hi New to me SL63 AMG 2009 in Grey Have just come from a 911; before that Z4MR, Z4M and before that Caterhams, Lotus and others Loving the SL - have a niggle with the suspension (see other thread) but once that's sorted will be perfect [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL] [/IMG...
  6. MrBroadside

    Newbie from Yorkshire

    Hi Newbie here from West Yorkshire, just joined the forum as Ive purchased a C200 Sport cdi and wanted to join a group of fellow owners. I love the car although ive owned it less than 24hrs and its back into dealers Do you have meets in areas ect? Cheers Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  7. portzy

    Mercedes specialists East Yorkshire?

    Soon to be moving to Bridlington and wondered if anyone could recommend a couple of reliable independents, my car's now nearly eleven years old and I don't really want to use franchised dealerships. Thanks.
  8. moonloops

    Only in Yorkshire..

    .. mad me laugh: Leeds pub garden floods, men go for pint anyway - BBC Newsbeat
  9. fab1975

    Road rage in Yorkshire - Citroen Picasso vs moped

    People are finding the Ronnie Pickering video absolutely hilarious - Telegraph Does anybody know this gentleman? Come on... confess :-PP
  10. S

    Hi from Yorkshire

    Hi all, my namer is Stephen and i live in West Yorkshire. I have had Mercs before, i had a 1998 C220 CDI (from new) and then replaced it with the same one but the face lift model in 2002 and was very very impressed with them and have always intended to return to MB. Recently i bought a 2006...
  11. flango

    Panel and parts wrapping Yorkshire

    I need to get parts of my daughters VW Beetle dash carbon wrapped, does anybody know anywhere in Yorkshire, preferably South Yorkshire where I can get this done. The contours and shapes are too tricky for me to do a DIY job so need professional help :D All suggestions welcomed Cheers Ian
  12. 3ayg

    W210 gearbox problems, need STAR in Rotherham South Yorkshire area

    Hi everyone ive been using this forum for years for DIY and troubleshooting for my various MB's but never got round to signing up but now the time as I need to ask some questions of my own. I've recently bought a w210 e320 cdI and its giving me some grief... When I first bought the car it was in...
  13. Jas C63

    Trusted main dealers in yorkshire

    Has anyone used any main dealer in the yorkshire region that you trust with your pride and joy, a dealer that actually understands about the phrase pride and joy,any recommendations?
  14. J

    Ey Up from Yorkshire Coast

    Hi all, thank you for sharing such brilliant information on this forum. After checking a few out I've just picked up today a 320, its 12 years old with 60,250 miles on the clock...........bright silver with black leather interior. Its in sound condition cosmetically and mechanically and...
  15. englishdas

    south Yorkshire specialist...

    Hi guys its been a while. I've just bought a W211. I used to use JAR Motorsports, John was helpful but I don't think theyre there anymore. Any ideas? Am I just looking for a garage that's not Europa, when Europa is the answer? I don't have anything against Europa, I'm just near the dearne...
  16. D

    Indy merc garage in or around Hull, Yorkshire?

    Hi, I'm looking for a recommended, honest and efficient indy garage in or around Hull for merc jobs beyond my basic skills with Star diagnostics. Thanx.
  17. jonnyMercUK

    Window tinting south yorkshire

    Can anyone recommend anyone who tints windows in South Yorkshire?
  18. D

    MB Dealers East Yorkshire (M62)

    Anyone know any MB specialists near East Yorkshire (M62 area)? would prefer referals rather than random names..... Already spent to much on misdiagnosis, so looking for a "man who can" or woman for that matter!! Help!
  19. N

    Cars In The Park, Spring meet up at Newby Hall, Ripon, North Yorkshire. 10th May 2015

    Cars In The Park, Spring meet up at Newby Hall, Ripon, North Yorkshire. 10th May 2015 The first CITP meet up is already arranged for MAY 10th, Google map location: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/...8fb52ea36749c0 A brief history... Cars in the park is a casual gathering of...
  20. C

    Indie Recommends West Yorkshire

    Hi, wonder if anyone has a recommend for a GOOD indie in the West Yorkshire area. Tried my nearest (Wakefield, not naming and shaming!) and they'd never even heard of STAR's developer mode... frustrating when I know more about the produce than the so-called specialists. So, if anyone can...
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