1. adam87

    CLK55 AMG Full Valet + Zaino

    Here is a rather nice CLK55 AMG I valeted for a member on Saturday. It is a 'Mercedes' forum after all... :rolleyes: Finished with two layers of Zaino Z5 mixed with ZFX Couple of Befores and Afters Thanks for looking Adam
  2. E

    Zaino Z6

    Gurchan, I just brought some of this for my car. Amazing product at a sensible price!! I was just wondering if I can use this on the plastic bumpers etc? Thanks
  3. ChrissyBoy

    Zaino Car Polish

    I've always used Zymol in the past and have been pleased with it's results, other than the effort required. I've been reading a lot of good things about a product known as Zaino - can anyone here comment?
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