1. WDB124066

    90's Zebrano Wood Leather Steering Wheel.

    Quite a rare feature on this car makes it almost worth buying the car for the wheel alone.... Mercedes-Benz 300 E 1992 | Trade Me
  2. A

    W124 Zebrano Wood Panels

    Not my thing but I haven't seen many of these: Mercedes W124 Zebrano wood door cards interior | eBay Andy
  3. Sbryantgb

    W124 Zebrano wood

    Centre Console (lower) No cracks or clouding £20 shipped UK Centre Console (upper) Unmarked, no cracks or chipping £17 shipped UK Centre Console (upper) Unmarked, no cracks or chipping £21 shipped UK Ash tray unit Unmarked, no cracks or chipping £20 shipped UK...
  4. S

    Need Zebrano wood trim

    I need the zebrano finish climate control wood trim for my e220 w124. Any leads/ ideas/ will be much appreciated. Regards Sajid
  5. MissyD

    Wanted - 124 grey centre cubby with zebrano wood

    Hi guys Anyone have one or know someone who might have one please, thanks :)
  6. BillyW124

    W124 Zebrano kit original MB New.

    Mercedes W124 S124 Zebrano Wood Trim Complete Full Kit Saloon Estate Sedan Wagon | eBay
  7. D

    w124 ce rear centre zebrano storage box

    As per title for between the rear seats. Wanted for my 300ce. Also need a front zebrano bit for around the gear selector but must have heated seats cut outs and be in perfect condition as mine is cracking all over the place. Ta. Scott
  8. D

    w124 zebrano vs walnut

    Whats the difference between zebrano and walnut? I have seen more walnut cars than zebrano but not sure if the later was a specific option or spec or did it cost more? Just wondering as mines zebrano...
  9. Shane10010

    Wood Trim Refurbish / Replace

    Hi, The wood trim around the gearshift on my C280 is cracked and I am struggling to source a matching part from our favourite auction site. Any advice on where to look or if anyone can redo the veneer? Thank you in advance. Shane
  10. N

    W124, 201, 123 Zebrano & leather wheel

    Mercedes Zebrano wood steering wheel w123 w201 w124 on eBay (end time 01-May-10 13:25:45 BST)
  11. S

    Zebrano Trim

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a piece of Zebrano trim that goes around the gear lever for my W123. The problem is that I see lots of them on ebay, but they all have electric windows and so have to many holes cut out, and my car has manual windows. I'm after a piece of trim that has only 2 holes...
  12. A

    W124 Zebrano Lidded Cassette Box for Centre Console

    Mercedes Zebrano Wood Casette Box W124 on eBay, also, Mercedes-Benz, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 13-May-09 16:06:51 BST) May be of interest to some-one. Andy
  13. N

    W201 Zebrano Heater controls wood

    Clearing out some spares I have. £18 posted anywhere in the UK. The wood is perfect.
  14. N

    W201 Zebrano wood, all switches included.

    My house is full of odds & ends littered around - clearout time. £30 posted anywhere in the UK. Please PM if interested. I believe these are about £90 +VAT without any switches. The wood is perfect with no cracks or chips.
  15. N

    W124 Zebrano wood

    Having a clear out. £25 posted anywhere in the UK. Please PM if you're interested.
  16. jpskiller

    W124 Zebrano Original WOOD New

    As people may know my 260e has gone but I did buy new wood for the console but never used it so its still new,cost me 20inc postage will let u guys have for 15inc postage. first bit is the gear shifter surround,will get photo soon, but its for a automatic,button configurartion is windows...
  17. pepper&boulou

    W124 saloon Zebrano wood trims

    I'am selling these on Ebay, if anyones interested. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=4522680954&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
  18. A

    190e Cosworth Zebrano Kit-circa 1985

    FOR SALE Original Mercedes Benz zebrano trim kit. Matches the Zebrano timber on the gear shifter plate of the 190e 2.3, 2.5 and evo models. Comprises - Heater knob cover, 4 no door handle inserts, dash trim, glove box trim. 2.5mm-3mm solid polished zebrano wood. All in the...
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