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    Piaggio ZIP 50cc, 4 stroke Scooter for sale

    Hello All, I have for sale my 2009 Piaggio zip 50cc, 4 stroke engine. Low milage 5900 KM only!! Lovely bike. Totally untouched and in original condition. Taxed and MOT. I have had this bike for about a year but hardly used it...
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    Zip merging/ Is this right part 2

    <H3>higways agency support zip merging. One after the other. No slagging off this time please Introduction: This project looks at ways of controlling traffic on the approach to roadworks in situations where traffic is forced to merge because of a reduction in the number of lanes...
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    tomtom 910 & US zip codes

    I got a tomtom 910 for xmass, bloody useless thing it is. Anyway off to the US again this year, and I was wondering can I install US Zip codes (or just Floridian ones) and if yes any idea where from and how?
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