1. merc85

    w211 e55k, 4 zone Climate issue

    Had a trip to London today, My car is always kept in a cool Garage, Upon leaving i had the Climate Set on Auto at 19 degrees as i always have done, The Aircon was fine all the way to London 90 miles. After Leaving the car Aprox 2hours outside "black car" it was hot inside. So again i...
  2. dad4geer

    Thermatic - Climate control

    I am still confused as how this whole thing works.. What is the purpose of "AUTO", button 12 in the attached picture? Do we use it when we have to activate climate control so I want some other temp and missus wants something else? most of the time it's only me driving so in that case I should...
  3. MoAMG

    Flashed at 40MPH in a 40MPH zone

    Travelling eastbound on the A406 last night having joined it at Chiswick roundabout from the A4. This patch of the A406 is 40MPH. Coming up to the first camera, a newly fitted camera may I add, switching lanes whilst maintaining 40MPH, the camera flashes 3 times (or maybe twice). Should I expect...
  4. ckember

    aircon blowing hot on driver side, thermotronic 4 zone

    I Know there are several reports of many models having seen this fault over the years, where the drivers side blows hot or warm air and doesn't cool down. I have now had two duovalves replaced under warranty, the second as the first was replaced under warranty and now the warranty has expired...
  5. A

    Engine oil check and 4 Zone climate issues

    Hi, I own a 03' W211 e55 and every time I go in or out of the car the instrument cluster tells me to "add 1 litre of engine oil when next refueling". Star is not coming with any sensor issues, We have checked both with dipstick and the oil checking function and oil level is fine. Any ideas...
  6. grober

    Green Zone movie heads up.

    Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon [ The Bourne series] join forces again in this movie about WMD in Iraq Film 4 tomorrow at 9pm. Worth a look if you haven't seen it . [YOUTUBE HD]ByLMRUskOYc[/YOUTUBE HD]
  7. nick mercedes

    euro zone falls to bits

    Greece must default and quit the euro. The real debate is how | Costas Lapavitsas | Comment is free | The Guardian Where does the collapse of the euro zone leave Blighty?
  8. ringway

    Plans to move UK to European time zone edge a step closer. Road Safety Affected?

    A new tourism strategy, which is expected to contain plans to move British standard time to Central European Time, will be published by the government later this week. If the plans get the green light it would mean that the clocks would be brought forward an extra hour from Greenwich Mean Time...
  9. T

    4 zone Thermotronic problem

    Hi People, I have a 2004 E320 CDI with 4 zone Thermotronic. It has over the last couple of days developed a fault where the rear system is only pushing out hot air no matter what temperature you set but the front still works normally. oddly though the fault only occurs in hot weather as I had a...
  10. D

    Caught doing 79mph in a 70 zone

    Hey Guys, Just got a letter through the post for doing 79mph in a 70 zone and I am 100'000% sure I was not speeding!.. I recall the van that caught me, I recall my exact speed of being no more than 70mph (Using Satnav). What on earth do I do now? How do I prove it that I wasn't speeding? How...
  11. Gridlock

    Why you should do 30 in a 30 zone..

    This guy had floored his car down the 30mph limit road outside work (coming from over my right shoulder as the photo is taken), a van went to pull out on him from a blind-ish (well, at over 30 anyway) side turning and all the ESP in the world couldn't save him from mounting the pavement...
  12. DSLiverpool

    Twilight Zone Pinball Machine Refurbed

    Its on ebay here Item number:280394042024 £100 off if a MBClub member buys it or email me to stop the sale
  13. Geezer

    Zone Alarm Pro free download, today only!
  14. D

    6 months ban doing 43 in a 30mph zone!!! Might as well give up driving. Go on the buses.
  15. WLeg

    Low Emission Zone - London

    Starts in a few weeks..... Don't forget.....
  16. Sp!ke

    New emission zone

    I'm surprised this topic hasn't come up much yet here or anywhere else. This really seems to have been snuck in with some vehicles falling foul in Feb 2008. I have been toying with buying a camper-van but have discovered that come...
  17. culpano

    Snapped doing 39mph in a 30mph zone

    Got the "Notice of Intended Prosecution" letter. Any idea what the likely fine amount will be ? I was snapped on a main road at 10pm - no other cars on road.
  18. C

    Speed Camera, just got done 36mph in a 30 zone

    After completeng brake pad replacement tonight, feeling successful, goes in kitchen, opens mail. Done at 36mph in a 30mph zone. A69 Carlisle to Newcastle. Northumbria Police. First time in 31 years. Is it worth appealing ?
  19. guydewdney

    London Low emission zone?

    Great - my sprinter (S reg, camper van) will, in three years time, cost me a hundred quid a DAY to drive into (outer) london. Will someone please shoot Ken? The man is taxing the poor with this one - think of all the vans over 1.2 tonnes (yes - one tonne -ie a lot of small, older vans)...
  20. Howard

    Have I just stepped into the Twilight Zone ? WTF :crazy:
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