1. merc85

    Brutus the e55k, and Zymol Carbon

    Gave Brutus and Wash down with Ph neutral Body wash from AG, Then used the Zymol HD cleanse followed by a coat of Zymol Carbon wax. One thing i do love is the Colour Melantie black:thumb:
  2. merc85

    My w211 Gets a Zymol Treatment

    Treated the car to a Zymol HD cleanse, Followed by Zymol Carbon as a top coat. Lovely finish and well worth the money.
  3. merc85

    Brutus e55, Zymol HD cleanse, Zymol Carbon

    As above, Pre treatment my e55 looked like this. And After....
  4. Mr Fixit

    first time with Zymol

    Thought you might like a look
  5. R

    G techniq C2 over Zymol video

    Well after 9 days I gave in and hand polished my car. I then finished it with G techniq C2. I'm after a hydrophobic finish! Click image to play video. PS.I cleaned the wheels later!! PPS. If only I could put Exo over this rather than having to strip everything back to clearcoat. PPPS...
  6. Tan

    Zymol versus Meguiars (Halfords)

    Hi I need to buy some more cleaning materials and am keen to take advantage of the Halfords buy one get one free offer. I used to use Meg's Gold class on my Obsidian Black and then Jasper Blue cars and was happy with it, buy now it will be used on a silver car so was wondering which is the...
  7. travelininstyle

    Zymol Car Polish v Others

    :crazy: Just spent 4 hours today washing then waxing the car,ready for the annual hols.I normally stand by Zymol products,but used the Zymol Car Polish - this is the one that smells of coconut/banana if anyone has ever used it before - What a chore - despite been mild and slightly overcast,the...
  8. A


    Has anyone on the forum used the zymol clean and polish kits if so are they worth the cost and effort?
  9. blueserenity777

    Zymol is amazing.

    Got my car finally done..dent is now long gone on driver side door from someone opening their door at Asda's..They also resprayed my grill slats with odsidian black body colour and front bumper and bonnet bec of lots of stone chips..they did a fantastic job..cost me loads but I am happy bec job...
  10. W

    Anyone used Zymol Carbon Wax (or similar recommendations?)

    Hi everyone, In readyness for the spring, I'm looking to treat the 2.5-16 to a good clean up and wax. Generally in good condition from previous care but I'd like to try a proper wax this time. Have previously dabbled with many of the high street brands but I'm considering something better...
  11. nigel cross

    Cheap Zymol Wax etc

    Got this from another forum that I belong to, lots have people have used it http://www.zdouk.com/Default.aspx
  12. M


    I recently bought my SL (first Mercedes, v. exciting) and about to have a small amount of bodywork done and was thinking of buying a complete zymol kit to tidy up the rest of the paintwork, which is in pretty good condition already. So just restoring a bit of shine. The cost of this kit is going...
  13. saorbust

    Swissol verus Zymol

    Anyone used them both ? I noticed the ad in MB Classic Mag, but I'm trying to figure which is best. Swissol looks easier to apply... Thanks, Clarky.
  14. D

    zymol - where to purchase !

    where can i purchase zymol products on the cheap?! particularly intrested in glazes / polishes ! (and stuff that makes my silver baby shine!) do not reply with ebay! already been there done that!
  15. Howard

    Whole day with the Zymol

    Ok, chaps and chapesses I have been outside all day working on the car..... Wash, Leather, Polish, Zymol Wax and here is the result, the paint's not perfect but remember 'the whale' is a 14 year old car still on its first paint job...... i like it anyway....
  16. Goldfish11

    Zymol or Meguiars Poll

    No we have some pictures we can have some voting. CLK270 has submitted some great shots using Zymol and Goldfish11 has put some shots up with Meguiars NXT. Check out the pictures and place your vote. Pictures are on thread http://mbclub.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=10972
  17. A

    Zymol or Meguiars?

    At the risk of being shot for asking the obvious which is the best wax/polish/treatments for mercedes? I have cubanite silver e class and have been using meguiars gold class which gives good results. Is Zymol any better? Dont natural waxes disintegrate quicker than synthetic ones? Any...
  18. F

    Zymol time...

    Finally, I have got round to ordering zymol cream wax and the other bits and pieces to go with it (and am looking forward to giving my W203 its first wax treatment sometime soon – the zymol goods have arrived today via mail order). Those of you who use zymol please can you answer the following...
  19. mark.t

    £6000 quid zymol

    check out auto express page 66 £6000 F***ing quid :crazy: but you get refills for life ;) or for as long as you own the car ,,,,,
  20. Andy W

    Zymol used for 1st time

    Treated my car to a Zymol shampoo and polish today, not sure if the extra effort of polishing, spraying with water, drying & buffing is worth all of the effort, does not seem any shinier than before when using MER shampoo and polish.
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