£25k Mercedes Choice

Which MB?

  • W203 C32 AMG

    Votes: 12 19.4%
  • W210 E55 AMG

    Votes: 7 11.3%
  • W202 C43 AMG

    Votes: 5 8.1%

    Votes: 9 14.5%
  • W215 CL55 AMG

    Votes: 20 32.3%

    Votes: 17 27.4%

  • Total voters
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MB Enthusiast
Aug 10, 2003
I have an itch to scratch..

If you had £25k for a low mileage secondhand mercedes, what would you go for? My criteria are pretty simple - power, noise and nice to look at! I'd be tempted by the C32 as it's the fastest and most agile of them all, but it's not a convertible and not a V8. The car is only used at weekends - practicality not really an issue.
I would stick with the 129 - all the above cars are stunning and great cars too but the W208/210 have got serious rust issues which the W203 could possibly in the near future too suffer from and also it is not a soft top...

129 is solid and if well maintained and post 97 model then should be fine...

I'm not sure if a CL 55 AMG can be bought for £25K mark unless it is pre face lift...?
How about a W208 CLK55 - you could probably get a sub 25,000 mile one for that money, not a convertible though.......
mergli said:
How about a W208 CLK55 - you could probably get a sub 25,000 mile one for that money, not a convertible though.......

you cant get a W208 CLK55 convertable....

but a nice coupe CLK55 would be a good choice - or as previous post, a CL.

My choice would be the CL as it has more "presence".
I would go for the CL55 if you can pick one up for the money.
I voted for the C43 AMG (but then I am biased, because I'm going to buy one at around Easter time next year)

Interestingly you didn't mention a 12 cylinder model? If practicality isn't an issue, then for £25K I'd seriously consider a low mileage R129 SL600, more exclusive, plenty of grunt, I once got to thrash one around the high speed bowl at Milbrook on an MB ride and drive day, it was fantastic!
I also voted for the R129, it's such a versatile car (hard top for winter, rag top for summer, build quality, speed, reasonable economy, etc.). Looks are subjective of course, maybe it's a bit quiet (could do with a little more V8 rumble)?
jeremytaylor said:
For £25k you could get 2 W202 C43AMGs.

That's what I was thinking, or an E55 and a C43! :cool:

P reg SL60 AMG 24000 miles. Holds money better than SL600 (hopefully) and should be more robust given that it is based on the standard V8 rather than the more complex V12.
Has AMG cachet. V Reliable. Done most of its big depn (was a £105K car when new) and is built like a tank.
Very fast. Very comfortable...... (very nickable)
SilverSaloon said:
you cant get a W208 CLK55 convertable....

I'm sure they were available as special orders and only a handful were sold in the UK - there was one for sale on the Autotrader a few weeks ago for about 28K iirc

Found it....
CLK55 Convertible
Thanks for your replies. The SL600 I just don't like - too heavy - the 500
is bad enough. The SL60 they stopped making before the final facelift so
not too keen on the looks. The C43 is a bit dated but cheap, I love the CLs
looks but again heavy, the C32 has great agility and speed but no V8 - a
shame they never bothered putting a NA 5.5 in a late model R129!

I've looked at a Brabus conversion but it's £3k for camshafts and
valvesprings + VAT & fitting for a 20bhp increase. I did toy with the idea
of plumbing in a supercharger but then insurance and resale would be

£25k might be optimistic for a 2000 CL55, guess I'll have to start saving for that or an SL55!
stats007 said:
The SL60 they stopped making before the final facelift so
not too keen on the looks.

Have to be an R129 SL55 or SL73 then! :D

I will personally save for an R230 one day ... I don't have a garage, so storing and fitting/removing the R129's hardtop isn't ideal. An SL55 would be nice, but an SL500 is more likely!
I voted W210 E55, then realised that R129 SL500 was at the bottom.....doh

I'd stick with what you've got, fine car (but hell, I'm biased)

CL500 probably worth a punt. Could you not get a current shape CL for 25K? OK, it would be a bit leggy miles wise, but I love 'em.


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