‘06 ml500 limp mode p0330/p0325

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Nov 24, 2023
Stockport uk
Ml500 2006
Hi all, bought an ml500 with a few issues i am working through (airmatic mostly fixed) multiple sensor errors (fake due to water ingress in a loom connector under the fuse box with the green circuit board cancer all over the connector pins). All i have left apart from a few interior sensor alerts from the rear sam (yeah i know its a S@%t show for those but confident limp mode ain’t gonna happen for a sunroof sensor 😜) are p0330 and p0325 for left and right knock sensors which i replaced to no effect. I have tested the cables as far back as the fuse box for continuity and bleed to ground -no obvious issues. Front sam is immaculate and generating no errors. Do have a historic error for the trans speed sensor but its giving correct data at the moment. Booked in for a star diag on 4th but in meanwhile anyone know a common fail point for these knock sensors that would generate those circuit errors in the absence of any problems with the (immediate) loom or sensors? I can watch the activation of the knocks and change in ignition angle while under load so they are producing readings- code description says open or closed circuit.
Many thanks.

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