01 ML55 Electrical gremlin

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Sonny Burnett

MB Enthusiast
Jul 20, 2007
W208 CLK55 AMG
Hi Fellas,

I have a 2001 ML55 as a daily and only use it now and then,
this all happened around a month ago before the weather got hotter.
So i had a battery die, didn't think nothing of it as it was sat for around 3 months and it was the original Bosch battery, replaced with an eBay job and that died after around a week of not driving, left it a while put a new battery on a proper name
brand and got it MOT'd flew threw no issues, the battery died again which required me to use a power pack to get it started, i then noticed a few other things,

The heated seats have stopped working all of a sudden, so when you press the switch the red lights both come on flash then go off,
the radiator fluid light has come on with the fluid being full?, the car is also getting really hot up to the 120 mark so i suspect the front fan is not kicking in either.
i also had a feel around the front and passenger foot wells, both of which the carpets where soaked so there is definitely ingress coming in from somewhere.

Car drives perfect and runs like a champ with the AC, Windows, sunroof and cluster all working and showing fine.
I did take it upon myself to replace a ton of fuses but after changing the heated seats fuse they still do not work.

i did find a fuse marked "Trailer Socket, Battery Positive" with a 25A fuse which i removed as i don't use the towbar which the car actually has.

any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated, its becoming harder to keep these cars on the road as i have tried a few electricians and none wouldn't touch it, sighting it as too old.


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