'03 clk 200 suspension knock

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    Apr 4, 2013
    CLK 200
    hI folks,
    Have recently done some work to front suspension and have ended up with a knock on the left hand side.
    Story is: Replaced lhs uppur & lower ball joint arms plus outer track rod end. After doing this work had a bad knock on the left whenever hitting a bump etc. Discovered I also needed to replace upper ball joint arm and inner track rod end on RHS. After doing work on RHS the knock on the LHS did improve. Got the car checked for tracking/camber etc. Tracking was out so got done - by a very good tyre retailer. This again seemed to improve the knock on LHS but it's still there.
    I'm just wondering if there's something I need to have checked/adjusted? This knock was NOT there before I got the work done.
    Any suggestions or similar experience would be great.
    Thank you :)

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