07 plate V6 3.0 cdi Viano


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Jul 10, 2017
Viano V6
Hi guys,
Any input on this would really help?

So Viano 3.0 V6 2007.
it sounds like its sucking / blowing air when under load and goes into limp mode,
Read the code P0406 (EGR)
So i cleaned the EGR & Re-installed- Same Code.
So i replaced the EGR - Same Code.

Still getting the same problems. Limp mode and sounds like sucking or blowing a lot of air when under load. "will not make the air noise when stationary"

Next Global Diagnostic: No other faults found (Just the ERG)
So they individually tested all sensors (Mass air flow and the like) No faults found.

I have also cleaned the DPF, and im not getting much crap our from that.
Still the same code comes up after it goes in to limp mode.

I have checked the Air intake, well i have removed the air box and "choked" the air intake towards the Turbo and all the rubber pipe are collapsing as they should, so no leak on intake.
Today i also got P0299. Something about the Turbo // Supercharger under boost.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would really help.
i have it booked in on Thursday at a local place to start striping to discover the issue but it not going to be easy to find and that means ££££££.

Thank you for all your help in advance.
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