09' W204 Rumble Under Braking

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May 24, 2014
09 W204 250CDI Sport
Evening all,
I post seeking for some advice and possible pointers.
I'm currently going through a month of weekend works with the C250CDi, just to remedy some niggly problems- Last weekend was spent sorting out an oil leak from the Breather Pipe, that was seeping oil past the push fit pipes all over the turbo (jubilee clipped up), sorting out a rough idle problem (not temp specific) which seemed to be sorted with a MAF clean and Fuel Filter change and straightening the wing flange where it joins the bumper (bumper got snaggged on a kerb and I reversed).

The agenda for next weekend is to sort out this rumble under breaking that developed a month or so ago - Most prevalent when braking hard going down hill, it's like a grumble, which makes me think that bushing is to blame.
It's also much louder when I'm turning and braking, no direction specific.

I can't see any leaking or weeping from the thrust arm bearings.

I've googled to my hearts content, however nothing really pointing to this problem?

The brakes have been eliminated as the problem, due to newish pads and no feedback through the steering or brake peddle which tells me the disks aren't warped.

Any help would be brilliant! I don't really want to start the diagnosis by replacement game... (I also hate getting the arch liners out)
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