12 volt - 240 volts AC inverter

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Apr 23, 2003
Bexhill, East sussex
Alfa GTV 3.0
12 volt - 230/240 - 50hz volts AC inverter - 800 watts constant power modified sinewave inverter with 2 kw peak (surge) power in perfect working order but the case has a few scratches and marks as you'd expect from it being used on a regular basis

2 x 13 amp 3 pin plug output, fan cooled (but quiet in operation), overload protection, audible low battery warning supplied with 2 heavy duty leads and crocodile clips but can be hard wired into your vehicles ignition system to provide enough power to run most domestic electrical equipment (power tools etc)

specs here

Cost me £200 a couple of years back - looking for offers around the £50 mark

let me know if you are interested or you have any questions.

now sold

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