123 230CE Transmission Noise - Misfires - FRENCH Mechanic


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May 17, 2016
Between UK & Spain
1982 123 230CE auto & manual with aircon.
Gentlemen, Ladies, Having replaced and adjusted the centre bearing of the prop-shaft according to all the postings, e.g. lower the vehicle and rock it backwards and forwards or push it around the place before tightening the locking nut, when I change in to fifth there is a transmission noise that wasn't there before. The diff mount is new (I have heard that they can be fitted incorrectly?) as are the drive shafts and prop-shaft donuts after much discussion about the nuts and washers. The engine mounts are new (3) as is the gearbox mount. I am at my wits end as the journey from the UK to the south of France without the works was a sweet as sweet could be. Ah, I have also changed the rear shocks. Please, if there is anyone who could help determine what this could be or how to go about finding it I'd be so thankful. The noise appears to me as though something is in contact with the body though the rear subframe mounts look OK to me.

The misfire still exists when taking ones foot off the throttle though I can now add that when cold (just started) removing ones foot from the throttle having floored it momentarily does not result in misfires. Again, and perhaps this latest revelation may help identify the problem, your help greatly appreciated.

Finally, is there someone out there who can point me to an elderly Merc mechanic who really knows these vehicles and in the vicinity of la Rochelle up to 100' away perhaps or even a club in France that may be able to help. It looks like I'm going to need someone as apart from these issues I will be replacing the sunroof and thus the complicated headliner problems.

Best wishes to all.

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