15th Wedding Anniversary - Wifes loses Album!

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Feb 12, 2008
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Came home today looking forward to spending whats left of my 15th Wedding Anniversary with the Mrs, to find her in tears. She took her wedding album over to a freinds house last night to have a reminisce, and she left it there. Anyway the friend gave it back to her after the school pickup today and whilst chatting she left it by the car, drove off and realised when she got home its missing. She goes back to where she had parked and it its not there, it also had a bottle of wine and some of the kids school work in the bag it was in. So, she knocks on a few doors and no-one has got it ( one cabby said hed seen it there 10 mins before but just though it was rubbish :rolleyes: ). So Im sent packing to go and look for it, 2 hours later, of course, nothing. One of the houses she knocked on had sent her kids out to look and they actually found the bag, but the wine and the wedding album was gone! Who'd want someone elses wedding album!.

Cant remember the photgraphers name to get re-prints, and he was old 15 years ago so not even sure he'd still be in business.

Mrs has gone back out again, despite it nearly being dark (im looking after the kids). :( Some anniversary.
Hope it comes to light.
Just related your story to my wife. Asked her how shewould feel in similar situation. She said that if the house was on fire, they would be only thing she'd try and save.

[To be safe, I asked where they are, just in case I'm nearer]

I really hope your story has a happy ending.
Sorry to hear that mate, that's terrible news. No doubt they'll be a few forum users thinking where they last put their cherished photo albums.

Did the photos come with any negatives and is it likely that any friends or family may have copies?

You might be able to put together some kind of album from pictrues that guests may have taken at your wedding.
Tough break Crammy,

however, you still have your memories, you still have your wife, and the wine can be replaced.

And you never know the power of this forum, it may yet turn up. Did you try the school?
And you never know the power of this forum, it may yet turn up. Did you try the school?

OK, next GTG in Sidcup. We can all skirmish the streets......

Fingers crossed for you. Can I suggest you check rubbish bins and skips within a 200 yard radius? Peoples front gardens?
Sorry to hear your news. Ring the Police just in case theyve been handed in. How about taking stills from the video?
Sorry to hear your news. Ring the Police just in case theyve been handed in. How about taking stills from the video?

Don't mention the police :crazy: , it'll go off topic quicker than you can blink...didn't you know they're all scum!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Crammy, did you recommend the photographer to anyone else or was he recommended to you.

You'd be surprised how and when these things turn up. The suggestion of contacting the school is a good idea.

Best of luck
I'm sorry for you, I can imagine how it must feel :crazy:.

However, don't despair yet. The fact that the wine and the album had gone might be not that bad a sign. Someone could have found them and taken them away to hand in to the police or something like that (well, at least the album, the wine might be a different story ;)).
Is there any means of identification in ther bag?

My advice to you is contact your local radio stations1

This is a story they might run with. Nothing ventured nothing gained..

Go for it

Yours sincerely
John the patriot
Thanks Guys, the Mrs went out and found the bottle of wine broken in an alley-way(that Id already searched), so is going to knock on the houses nearby to check their back gardens. Hopefully we can get copies if the photgraphers is still in Business and has archived them? there are very few other photos in the family (5 maybe) and they were differnt to the album ones. Still we have the video, so all is not lost.

Thanks for the support will update once I know more.

What a downer, best of luck with the search.. on the plus side, congratulations for 15 years of wedlock - no mean feat.. :)

Best of luck with the search, maybe put an ad in the local paper or the kids school.

Somebody taking the wine is understandable, the album... well unless the album itself was to be re-used.... maybe... lets hope not!
Really sorry to hear that hopefully someone's handed it in somewhere.

Have you tried the local police station?
You could post an advert offering a reward in any local shop. Make it tempting enough and it might just re-appear. It's a real heartbreaker that's happened but I suggest you counter it with something positive. Make a point of treating yourself and your wife to a special weekend away or something that you both always wanted to do. Or buy her that special dress/hat/ whatever she always wanted but felt she couldn't afford.
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The Mrs spent the day putting up Lost - reward paid type flyers in local shops and lamposts. Lets see if anything happens... Ive told her to call the local free papers to see if they'd run a little sidebar on it, you never know. Have reported to the local Police stations so its on their lost list. I like the ide abou the Radio, but given our location we dont really have a local radio ( Spose Capital radio is the nearest).

Bad Luck, can you not put an ad in the loacl paper/s and supermarkets etc?
Sorry to hear that mate and I too hope this has a happy ending. I'm local so could help you search if you need :)
Hi - local TV stations love this sort of story and maybe someone will twig that they saw your album ....... But the best of luck to you both.

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